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The unpaid work: Care

The inception of the world saw the dawn of 'difference' between the two gender, although the beginnings did not had any difference between the two dominant gender but with time and prosperity the world 'created' the division between the two of them and whose difference has been covered by utmost of the literature in the societal domain. When we talk of the two differences it usually infers to be of biological Or the concept of power between the two of them but what the world is actually facing is the difference between the paid and unpaid work and then linking such connection with the gendered notion, assigning the former to the males and latter to the females (majority of them). 

The economic dependency of the world, the increasing globalisation and the fast pace of the lives of the humans have witnessed a very unfortunate event which often gets neglected or not given enough acknolwdgwment is the issue of 'care'. The current and the gone back scenario of the pandemic although for a few months got us to the concept of care. Even if we set aside the dominant literatures definition of care, we can understand that is the most essential need of the humans. It is the only need which are often fulfilled without any verbal commitment. The dominant role in this field of care is often been played by the female counterparts. The paid and unpaid work especially in this capitalist world has come to the limelight by time and again. Why it is always the materialistic things that are being acknowledged and not the ones who can't be formed into a matter.

It is a matter of the fact that community has been and is the foremost important aspect to live in a society no matter whether the world has been submerged under capitalism or is a sinking boat in the waters of capitalism. It's unfortunate to understand how the aspect of care are often been ignored and unacknowledged. Digital platforms, social media during the pandemic was flooded with the thanksgiving approaches to the caregivers but only for a limited time. The one who has suffered during the pandemic and before the pandemic even happened is our caregivers and the ratio of such are mainly the female. 

The gender violence is not only limited to one's sexuality, it also involves the abstract ones like care. The violence shall not be categorised only into the box which is solid but violence also happens when one's effort of care is often been neglected only with the argument of paid and unpaid.The value of a caregivers shall not be limited to the capitalist tendencies of being an unpaid one, but shall be regarded as the one whose nurtures provided you the capacity to be the 'paid' one. 

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