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The value of time

Time is more than money, and money, once wasted, can be revived, but time lost cannot be restored. It is said, "TIME AND TIDE WAITS FOR NONE." It is as accurate as the actual existence of life on earth. Time runs continuously without stoppage. It never waits for anyone. So we should not waste our time on priceless and worthless things without any meaning. We should always understand the value of time and behave accordingly as "TIME AND TIME WAITS FOR NONE." It is also worthy of mention that time should be used to understand the value of our work as time is uncountable and is not held back for someone.


 It is well believed that "STITCH IN TIME SAVES NINE" means that the work done in time is used to save the world as time heals wounds. Thus time is significant. We should value and respect the importance of time every single moment. We should not waste time until the end because it is a waste of energy-wasting time as it is oblivious to anyone. Time is more powerful than everything in this world. It may destroy a lazy person or may strengthen a hard-working person. 


We should understand the regularity, continuity, and commitment of time every single moment. Time is like a constant river that keeps flowing and never runs back. It runs continuously without any disturbance. We, too, always try to go with time side by side to get real success in life. A faithful saying: "IF WE RUIN THE TIME, IT RUINS US AND OUR LIFE." We should understand the value of time and make the best use of it as it waits for none. Time may destroy our health if we don't take our food and medicine timely. We should be punctual to the time and do our work with time. We should wake up on time, brush for freshness and get ready for morning breakfast. 


If we do not do our daily routine on time, we will miss the right execution time and will fail to be on time. If we want to do something better in life, we should do it with proper commitment, dedication, and full use of time.

Time is the most valuable thing on earth; nothing can be compared with it. Once it goes, it never comes back, and it goes in the forward direction and not in the backward direction. Everything on earth happens because of time and before time. Everything requires some time to be done. Nothing can occur without time. 


Everything on earth happens because of time. Nothing happens before time. Loosing of time is the most considerable discredit on this earth as time heals wounds and gives us acceptance power. Most people value money more than time, but this should be borne in mind that good work requires the right time. Without self-belief and the right time, nothing can result and lead us to a conclusion. Every experiment involves time, and every decision arrives with time. Time once lost cannot be acquired back, and once it is misused cannot be reused. One can kneel in front of it but cannot defeat it. If we fail to understand the value of time, then the golden opportunity of our life will be lost, and we will fail to lead our life ahead. 


We should use time positively and fruitfully to achieve our destination and stop thinking of its wastage as it will result in self-loss and not that of the time. It is the most critical golden opportunity in our life3 to utilize the precious time as the possibility that comes with time can never be back once it is used and the person is done with it. It must be understood that "ALL THAT GLITTERS IS NOT A GOLD" and "THERE IS NOTHING GOOD OR BAD, BUT THINKING MAKES IT SO." Thus "PATHS OF GLORY LEADS TO GRAVE "when time is in favor of us.


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