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This two-mile road called “Marine Drive”, is truly the favorite spot of many. Here’s how some people feel about this place.

The most beautiful place to catch a sunset in Mumbai city is Marine Drive.

The stunning night view is created by palm trees all around and lights encasing the coast. Marine Drive was built during the second phase of Bombay's urban growth in the late twentieth century. It was built as part of the British government's Back Bay Reclamation Scheme.

A post lamp at Girgaum Chowpatty bears an inscription claiming that the development of Marine Drive began in 1915 at the Kennedy Sea Face. It was named after Sir Michael Kavanagh Kennedy, a British Army General and Secretary of the Public Works Department in Bombay.

Palash Srivastav said he found peace in chaos the first time he visited Marine Drive with his mother when he was a child. Visiting this two-mile-long, C-shaped boulevard with a six-lane concrete road running along the natural harbour called Marine Drive, in south Mumbai brings tranquillity to many.

“I first came to Marine Drive with my mom when I was in 10th grade, it was a really difficult time for me because I had exams going on but sitting here with my mom was really peaceful”, said Srivastav, a software engineer and parent of two, from Mumbai.

Marine Drive is a must-visit area in Mumbai city. There are no specific timings for this place. It is a location that may be visited at any time of day. People from all over the country visit this famous spot, sit on the wall facing the Arabian Sea, spend time with their loved ones, and enjoy the local delicacies sold by street vendors.

Srivastav said visiting Marine Drive always brings a smile to his face.

“Marine Drive helps me find calmness in the mayhem. When life gets too fast-paced or difficult, I come here. To be honest, I come here almost every weekend,” Tiwari said with a big smile. “Sitting on the wall that faces the sea is something I have done almost all my life and it never fails to bring a smile to my face.”

Lakshmi Undare, a street vendor that sells local food on Marine Drive, said that it might be the best place for her business.

“I have been a street vendor for 45 years, but I have never seen another place like this. People love to eat the food I make with their family, some people sit here for hours, come here for their morning walks, sometimes kids come after school or office workers sit here late at night and we even make different food based on the time whether it be breakfast “poha” or late-night “pakoras”. It is the best business place.” 

Undare said she has a special connection with Marine Drive. 

“I first came here when I was young, but today I have kids and grandkids. I met my husband here, I brought my kids here and now I get to play with my grandkids here,” she said. “I have a unique attachment to this place. I have seen it grow and it has seen me grow”

Srivastav said he likes how Marine Drive connects you with nature and with the community

He said, “I always love to bring my children here. It is a great way to bind Mother Earth with people. You can be around modern people that are dancing and singing songs and still listen to the waves of the ocean and feel the sea breeze.”

Taylor Jones, a tourist from New Zealand, visiting India this year said, walking on Marine Drive is a beautiful experience.

“I have been to so many places in India, whether it be New Delhi, Jaipur, Pune, or Chennai but walking on Marine Drive is a delightful experience,” Jones said. “Watching people sit with their family and friends for hours, whether it be raining or the scorching heat is a beautiful sight. The people here love Marine Drive and even though I’m not, I have learned to love it as well.”

Jones said she recommends spending time at Marine Drive to anyone that visits Mumbai.

“You have to take a stroll on Marine Drive if you’re visiting Mumbai. It is a must. Walk here, understand the culture, eat the food, and spend time with your loved ones and take it all in, It’s totally worth it.”

 Even though Srivastav comes to Marine Drive often, he said he will never get bored of it.

“This view is unmatched, the feeling overall is unmatched, I don’t see myself getting sick of it anytime soon,” he said.

Undare doesn’t just love Marine Drive for the business, it gives her a feeling of home.

She said, “Everyone that eats or buys something that I have made, is now my family. The community is what life is, the people around you giving you warmth and that feeling of family.”

Although Jones isn’t a local, she will always keep Marine Drive in her heart.


“I will always remember the feeling of walking here, it’s just so pleasant,” she said. “Marine Drive has something for everyone, whether you’re from here or not. You will always have a smile on your face when walking through this place.”


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