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Today’s Youth and Anxiety

Dormant seeds underneath the soft level solid bed are ready to come alive into nature's lap. I’m talking about children in the gift of God, beautifying the world with their tenderness, innocence, freshness liveliness, and vibrancy. But the world of anxiety is a threat to all this. It has been rightly noticed that we live in a society where hungry for information, we are connected 24 seven, yet anxiety, frustration, fear, and loneliness are at an all-time high. Let us view a man in the light of Shakespeare’s division of life into seven stages. In the context of today’s fast-moving world one can clearly see the pressure, tension, and anxiety a person undergoes right from the infantry. Our world demands even from an infant mewling and puking in the nurse's arms. A 21st-century mother wants the infant to prepare for his kindergarten interview, and the struggle begins. A winning schoolboy cannot move like a snail and be unwilling to school; he is rather required to think like a wise owl, compete like a horse, and become the lion of the jungle. Unfortunately, the jungle is not a peaceful habitat for healthy big animals, but is made up of materialistic, greedy, jealous people who benefit from moral and ethical values, participating in an unhealthy competition to climb the social ladder. A child’s confidence in it and he also joins the blind competition and develops the mentality of the flock. In the next age of youth or a teenager undergoing various physical changes has to cope-up with the Chennai changing world outside. Group good marks in academics, excellent in sports, clearing competitive exams and finally a job with a six-figure salary has become mandatory for them. How can we then explain how can be expected to have a carefree childhood play with toys and swings, guilt giggle with friends, acquire values, gain knowledge and sleep comfortably on mother’s lap listening to her lullaby as the day comes to close? My email some people have argued that the competitive world requires the youth to run and win to achieve the desired goal. But here the question arises is neither comprehension not learning can take place in an atmosphere of anxiety. Ironically technological technology brings us closer to television, social networking sites, FM radio or old mediums of social connectivity. They bring the world closer but yet the same technology is posing threat to social connectedness acting as a catalyst in creating distrust and misunderstanding. Think of a present in the living room scenario: father busy on laptop, mother enjoying a TV soap, the elder one fiddling with his mobile, the younger one busy with PlayStation. Nothing but stress and anxiety can do well in such a family today is to not share their worries with their parents and parents are busy with their own preoccupation. They are busy to socialize outside while their own care is hopelessly trapped in his own web of fear and anxiety. Perhaps due to studies and career or broken relationship of parents or divorce quarrel with a friend or a peer pressure. At this stage and happiness of life is valued much more than that. Thus resulting in depression followed by suicide attempts. A person cannot deny that we all encounter numerous reports on social media as newspapers regarding the suicide cases. The data horrifies us so how can we say that the youth is not surrounded by anxiety Increasing violent crimes like theft, robbery, molestation and rapes committed by the youth and doughtily points towards the increasing anxiety level among them. Alcohol and drug abuse drives a youth to path of loneliness ridden with darkness and the aimless youth becomes victim of anxiety, depression and dysfunction Now the conclusion is that fortunately 60% of the population today is youth but India’s unfortunately filled with anxious and depressed young Indians. Their craving for sunshine as the black clouds of the anxieties due to low social connectedness, lack of class trust, peer pressure, parental pressure, high hopes and expectations of the society, academic pressure and desire of instant success at any cost is around them.

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