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Science is used in the modern arena to achieve not only success but our daily achievements. It is the knowledge about the present world with its physical and theoretical structure. Known or unknown we are harnessed by the science and are bordered by its outline. Men can conquer the world rather than the universe but science can regulate and monitor the universe to date. Network of railway lines are connected by metal plates but how to design the passage of the train is guided by science. Earlier before the invention of science, there was no medicine for the patients for the literates and illiterates. Open conscious surgeries were done to eradicate the disease. Life was like death series to them as they had to survive without medicines, proper water supply, proper food supply etc. Terrible epidemics like diarrhoea, cholera, and jaundice were common in every home. Villagers were traumatised by this kind of disease and were left back home without any kind of medication. The science behind the improvement of anything was unknown to the people or rather to the villagers. It was the time of Florence nightingale when the situation became worsened when the airborne disease cholera broke. The situation was in control when the legendary nurse was asked to take a step against the feminine. When we talk about our science then one thing that sprang to our mind is that mother Teresa and her contribution. During her time the epidemic spread of cholera was noteworthy.  Utensils were restricted to being washed in an open area, clothes were also restricted along with bathing and washing of cattle were also restricted. Her generosity and kindness were such that she used to clean the vomiting and diseased laden clothes by herself and used to pay for them. Not only that she used to hold the poor less fortunate closer to her heart to make them feel special not because they are in her campaign but because she thanked god for the heavenly happiness that he gave her through these people.  Mother Teresa gave up her last breath serving the people of her nation and believes that no man is great without the work that he did. She believed that where there is god there is hope and will. Where there is the man there is god to guide him. Thus it is very clear that man serves god but who is this god? Why is he not visible?. When everybody failed to answer is when scientists and scholars discovered the real meaning of gods grace that he represented through science. Science has improved the lifestyle of people not only in this era but for the entire human kingdom. Earlier human beings were NEANDERTHAL man and were not homo sapiens.  They did not know what to eat, where to stay and how to dress up. They only knew that they are equal to that animals and can go where ever they like with their ugly and weird clothes. With the passage of time when everything around the world got solved is when science came into being. In this current generation science deals with the most advanced creature on the earth which is a man. Humans have their own houses, food item and their clothing. Man did not know how to build houses and how to and what to eat. Now with the advancement of science, they have emerged in the development of food that leads their names in Guinness book. Science has invented different types of medicine and new types of radiation theories like radiotherapy, physiotherapy, blood diffusion theory, brain scanning MRI etc. It has not only advanced in medication but has also achieved drastic development in the social and economic prospect of the society that is in development of shopping malls to the development of restraints and pubs where people hang out with their friends to socialise. Science has also introduced new subjects like architecting, neurology, cardiology, marine engineering, chemical engineering etc. With the help of these inventions, science has made it possible to develop in all spheres. It has helped to develop via education, via socialising via political beat etc. It has let the people of countries and states like Bihar, and Kashmir develop in every sphere no matter how difficult the road might be. Arms and ammunition of our country are also developed to protect the country from the borders. The borders lines of Kashmir are surrounded by wires and ammunitions with special forces to protect the country from the violent storms of terror. Science has introduced many other techniques to thank the human kingdom for its acceptance and love. So to support science we should support the following things like plating of trees to support greenery, water plants to spread greenery, dispose of waste bins properly to avoid clogging the drains, to abide by the rules of the nation to save the earth from danger. Thus "A FRIEND IN NEED IS A FRIEND INDEED".



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