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Village: My Dream Land


The improved train-ways, the post, newspapers, the bicycle, the bus, the motor, and the improved means of intercourse between town and village go far to minimize these drawbacks so that the dweller in the village does not lack the culture of the town.

More than 70% of the Indian population lives in villages. Villages are also the main source of food and agricultural products we consume. After independence, the population and education of the village increased significantly. People in cities also have more power and opportunities at work than people in cities. In addition, the whole village lives in harmony without any conflict. They are useful. Most importantly, at night, you can see the stars that are no longer visible in the city.

Reasons to love the village

1. This is an adult Disney World

When we asked you why you like the village on Facebook, some people mentioned many times that this is an adult Disney World. Who can argue with it? The weather is good, I don't know what it is. It's like where you sit, but we are now in February, most of the time in the 60s and 70s. Good weather will ignite your mind... reduce the damage to your body... make life more enjoyable. Of course, who doesn’t like the first snow in winter? But after that, I just got a headache.

2. Great people

The biggest asset of the village is their people. We keep hearing how friendly people are on the Facebook page. The man said: "Destroy your golf cart, see how long it takes other residents to help you, see what we mean." People from all walks of life get together to realize their retirement dreams. Happiness is contagious. Some people who visited the village for the first time could not understand why everyone was so happy. When you live your dream life in The Villages, it's hard not to go.

3. Cleanliness

The village must be one of the cleanest cities in the United States. I know that the management of this department works very hard, and the residents do their part. A cleaner environment will lead to a cleaner life and more enjoyment of the beautiful scenery the village offers. Every day is a holiday. No matter what your perfect day is. In the village, this is not like work. He did it, he did it wrong.

4. Safety

Low crime rate. Fast response time in emergencies. The survival rate is high after cardiac arrest. For many residents, this is their first contact with the community. When the famous country song plays in the national TV commercial, One day it will be their home. Yes, some other communities also have their jingle sounds, but none are as unforgettable as The Villages. Everyone-I thinks the saying goes, "relying on retirement budget over millionaires", it describes it well. These villages, cities, and lifestyles that many residents in other places simply cannot afford.

Villages have existed in India since ancient times. They are interdependent in terms of commodity supply and demand, and they have also made great contributions to the country's growth and development. India is a country that relies more on agriculture than a secondary one. In addition, India is the second-most populous country in the world. Toh a large population, they need food from their villages. This explains why they are important to us and everyone. To summarize what we can say. Think that the village is the backbone of the economy. Besides, my village is one of all the villages where the Indian people still live in harmony. In addition, the villagers are friendly and lead happier and richer lives than those in urban areas.

Village VS Town

Most people live in villages and towns. Although some people like to live in cities or other urban areas, there are still many people who like quiet country life. Cities and towns are not so dense and polluted. , Of course not as fast as the city. Although both are located in rural areas and the environment is fresher and cleaner, there are still some differences between cities and towns that make them unique. The land area of ​​villages is less than that of cities because cities are adding villages in neighboring villages. Town markets and shops, police and fire brigades, entertainment venues, and local government seats. The village does not have a mayor or local laws because it is part of the city and is therefore managed by the city government. It has a simpler public service system and sometimes lacks vehicles and other basic services. Compared with rural areas, cities with more opportunities also have more job opportunities. In rural areas, people who are not doctors or teachers are likely to be farmers or fishermen.

In the city, not in the village. There are only high schools in the countryside and universities in the cities. Public libraries and hospitals are also located in the city. Economic activity is also the difference between urban and rural areas. The banks and other commercial facilities of the facility are located in cities, which makes them more economically active and provides better opportunities for residents; cities are more urban than rural areas, and the rural economy does not depend on agriculture; but of course, different countries Have different views on what a town or village is. Some villages are larger in area and population than their cities, while others have villages in their towns.


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