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What is inflation?

"Inflation" what is this? What do you mean by this? How this word affects daily life? In this article I try to clear you about this 9 letter word. Inflation means paying more for thingd you paid earlier. Not only essential things but also for non essential things like toys, mobile phones etc.

Let me clear you with some examples. If you paid 50 rupees for any good in previous year and now this year you paid 54 rupees for the same good. The change of price occur because of inflation and the rate at which the price of everything go up is called rate of inflation. Desh above example the change in rate of 8% per annum that 8% is the rate of inflation.

Now how this 9 letter word affects our daily life? This is the main question do you know what is the rate of inflation in Indian currency ( Rupee ) ? If you don't know let me tell you it's around 6% per annum that mean the 100 rupee note you have, in the next year the value of that hundred rupees will decrease to 94 rupee. I think this is pretty much clear to you.

Now the question arises how to beat inflation? Is our  money in bank is decreasing day by day? Let me answer this, yes, you can beat the inflation by start investing your money right now. Generally bank gives 3% to 5% rate of interest. That's why  your money in your bank account is decreasing. If you want to beat inflation you can invest in stock market and if you invest your money properly you will easily get a average rate of 15% per annum. You can invest in gold and silver two that's also a safest and good option to invest. If you have good knowledge you can go for cryptocurrency too yeah it's risky but you will get unbelievable rate of interest. And many more investment options are there so start researching it right now.

Thank you so much for reading my article. - Jai Kukreja


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