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Work from Home; New Face and New Challenges

New Delhi: Germinating footsteps of the global coronavirus pandemic, established a new face of working, work from home (WFH). Earlier work from home rarely existed in the life of various sectors, as confined to the IT sector only. The new face of working from the confinements of the home transformed the life of the youth and the upcoming generation. 

Being tech savvy nowadays is becoming a need of the hour. Familiarity with the various digital applications is pivotal. 

The cycle development cannot be affected by any pandemic coronavirus teach us. As a substitute, work from home is embraced by the companies because time never stops for development. Maturing footsteps of coronavirus has embraced the work from culture as a best substitute for various sectors. 

The crucial companion of work from home is lockdown life. Lockdown which swamped the well settled businesses as well as in the view of maturing roots of the coronavirus it was the only profound key to break the transmission chain of the virus. Effectively, coronavirus weakens its roots and phased manner opening of businesses, markets etc were followed. But work from home still exists even after the lifting of imposition in the  pandemic.  

Lockdown life has covered the distance gaps from one room to another. As for the office, school, and college now we only have to travel to another room. Lockdown life has confined us to one room. But sitting in front of the laptop does impact one's health, mentally and physically. 

Is Work from Home as easy as it sounds?

Work from home emerging as a new face in the working sphere of multiple sectors. It has weaved all the age groups with the preferred knowledge of the various digital applications that must be helpful in their working niche. As a new face it does have pros and cons. Digital divide that also hints at the gaps of the economy, technology, and literacy. The emerging digital divide has heightens the gaps in availing the digital gadgets to fluently run the work from home. Challenges faced by the employers and employees’.

The question of availability for work from home is also challenging for many. The work pressure in work from home doubles as in work in the office. Instability of network and unstable internet connection is the most common problem nowadays. Delaying submissions and haltering the deadlines has also increased. The nature of home is also challenging to comply with the work from home. A disturbance free environment is a must for meetings and discussions.


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