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World Immunization Day – November 10, 2022

World Immunization Day is observed annually on November 10. It is observed to raise awareness of the advantages of vaccination and how it can help stop a variety of diseases in the long term. Lack of immunization will only result in high medical costs from an illness that could have been easily avoided with a simple and affordable vaccination shot. A pandemic like COVID-19, which has been infecting millions of individuals over the past two years, can be eradicated with the use of vaccines. It is crucial to inform people about the value of being vaccinated on World Immunization Day.


World Immunization Theme 2022

Long Life for All

Aim of the Theme

strives to bring people together behind the belief that vaccinations enable us to live long, healthy lives and fulfill our aspirations.


World Immunization Day's History

Immunization practices have been practiced for thousands of years. Buddhist monks in China started ingesting snake venom as early as the 11th century to become immune to snake bites, and they also applied the cowpox virus to a tear in their skin to become resistant to smallpox.

The science of vaccination is credited to Edward Jenner as its creator. He demonstrated how to develop immunity to smallpox by giving a 13-year-old child the vaccinia virus (cowpox) inoculation in 1796. In 1796, the first smallpox vaccine was created. The smallpox vaccination was widely employed after that throughout the world in the 18th and 19th centuries, leading to the complete eradication of smallpox in 1979.


The Best Way To Market World Immunization Day

· Take your shots.

Verify that you have received vaccinations for all the diseases listed on the vaccination list. Remember to get the COVID-19 vaccine in its entirety.


· Keep a balanced diet.

Maintaining excellent health can be significantly aided by following a nutritious diet. Visit a nutritionist and develop a sound eating strategy for yourself.


· Bring attention to Social media

Sharing articles on social media will help spread the word about getting vaccinated.


The Purpose Of World Immunization Day


· To be long-lived and healthy

Immunizations are given to us to help us maintain a healthy lifestyle. Our average lifespan has increased as a result of it.


· It raises the standard of living for us.

Many diseases that can cause disability and lower our quality of life are prevented by vaccinations.


· The goal of ensuring global safety

Getting immunized benefits not only you but also everyone around you. The individuals around you won't be at risk of contracting the illness because you are immune.


Edward Jenner

Since he developed a technique to develop immunity to smallpox, Edward Jenner is known as the "father of vaccinology."


Thankful For Vaccines

· Since the first smallpox vaccination was created in 1796, the world has witnessed its unmatched impact on health and wellbeing.

· Because of immunizations, parents need not worry as much about their kids contracting deadly diseases that once afflicted earlier generations.

· One of the most significant scientific advancements in history, vaccines have helped to prevent generations of people from infectious diseases all of their lives.


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