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World Nature Conservation Day

For as long as we can remember, nature has served us and saved our lives. The world is losing its greenery and we should do our best to preserve it. It is high time we take a step back, analyze our actions and work towards the conservation of our resources.

Every year ‘World Nature Conservation Day’ is celebrated on 28 July which is declared by the UN. ‘World Nature Conservation Day’ is also called 'विश्व प्रकृति संरक्षण दिवस'. This day is just not for a day, we should celebrate this day every month to save our nature. This day is celebrated all over the world.

As we celebrate World Nature Conservation Day, we need to know that, a plastic bottle takes 450 years to break down in a landfill. Always remember the 3Rs:  Recycle, Reduce and Reuse things. If we protect our nature, it will protect us.

Instead of constantly uploading photos and videos of the sudden and unexpected summer rainfall, let us ask ourselves what we all do for the planet we inhabit, if we protect, care for, and respect the house that hosts us, the earth. We should do everything we can, from the littlest to the most precious to preserve the most precious we have, nature.

It allows us to celebrate the beauty and variety of wildlife and to raise awareness about its conservation and the benefits it has for humans. That is why everyone needs to join hands in planting trees and encourage afforestation. For the healthy maintenance of the planet, today is a day worth commemorating.

Nature enables us to communicate and connect with our souls. With an ever-changing climatic & environmental landscape, nothing is more integral than maintaining our ecosystems, to which living beings are intimately linked. We need to create & maintain a dynamic ecology of flora & fauna. Nature is the provider. It is the healer. Mother Nature is all-encompassing.

In recent decades, nature has undergone enormous degradation by human actions, leading to the loss of natural habitat for the flora and fauna, resulting in their extinction.

If we want to give the habitat back to these species and prevent further endangerment and extinction. There are many things that we can do but the simplest thing we can do is to plant trees. We want to celebrate it by honoring every tree, every river, and every mountain that fills and floods our wonderful home with color.

Since quarantine we have spent our lives between four walls, living between concrete and sitting in front of screens. At some point, the "evolution" of our society made us take the human being out of living harmoniously in nature, to place him in urbanized environments.

All this has made us disconnect from nature and forget sensations as simple and pleasant as the smell of grass or wet earth; feeling the rain or wind on your face; or stopping to listen to the sea or the song of the birds, which we have silenced under the hustle and bustle of the city. But during the quarantine time, I was connected with nature as I read many books connected to nature and authors have tried to explain this relationship. Some speak of "the wound of the wild" to that part of us that longs for the intimate connection with nature, other authors have referred to it as biopsy, that is, that we have a sense of innate connection with nature and with other forms of life. 

And hundreds of other scientific studies have shown that being in nature, living close to nature, or even seeing nature in photos and videos can have a positive impact on our brain, body, and feelings. Logically, this relationship goes much further. Nature is essential not only for the supply of essentials such as food, water, fuels, and raw materials but also ecosystems have a fundamental role in the existence of life as we know it: they allow climate regulation, water purification, pollination, disease regulation, biological control, protection against natural risks, among many other processes. That is, the survival of our species and our social and personal well-being (both physically and emotionally) depends on nature and the relationship we generate with it.

How to live sustainably?

Ensure water conservation: It all starts at home. Always try to use less shower and use bucket and mug. One bucket full of water is sufficient for one person to take a bath. It is said that if we’ll not save water by 2050, we might run out of water. 

Plant more trees: We all are dependent on trees. Trees are the main resource of food, oxygen, and for our survival. We should always plant trees in and around our surroundings so that the aesthetic remains on our planet. 

Waste management: Reduce, reuse and recycle waste. Adapting these three things in our life can change many things. On top of that, rainwater harvesting is the best practice anyone can follow. 

Reduce your electricity consumption: Switch off electrical appliances when not in use, or every time you walk out of a room.

Reduce paper use: Save paper, save trees. In today’s digital era paperwork has been reduced. Try to adapt to digital applications such as word or notepad for making notes or some writeup instead of paper. 

Avoid using plastics like plastic bags: Plastic bags from many years ago have been trying to be banned but nothing happened. We used to study instead of plastic bags we can use jute bags or paper bags. But still, we can see the use of plastic bags which is harmful to us and for our nature.

Many people say why we should conserve, why this is important, what will happen if we do conservation. My answer to those people is this is not for anyone but ourselves for our health. Our body needs a good environment, good nature for a healthy life. You just can’t survive in the pollution that can damage your body parts and lead you to sickness.

You should do it to protect your earth. Due to global warming, we are already facing thousands of problems. If we want to protect our earth for future generations, we have to take care of nature like our baby, by not polluting it. This also includes our wildlife. We should come forward and save our animals, birds, and water animals. 

We all are dependent on nature, for food, air, water, etc. Everything that we have or what we get is from nature. If you’ll not start respecting nature then things will end up very badly. With the help of good nature, you can do anything, including a peaceful life. We are not apart from nature; human lives are interlinked with nature. Around three billion people are dependent on marine and coastal biodiversity. We need to buck up and save our nature, the one who is trying to destroy it. Without nature we are nothing. 

This World Nature Conservation Day, let’s pledge to uphold Mother Nature and give back to the planet. It’s high time! It’s time to wake up. To take notice. To raise our voices.

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