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World Tourism Day 2021; ‘Travel, to Explore, to Know, to Learn’

“World Tourism Day” features the significant job the travel industry plays in saving and advancing society and legacy all around the globe. The experiences and memories gained while traveling expands our horizons and enriches our soul. Experiencing different cultures and a chance to learn a new language are just some of the perks of traveling to a new place. World Tourism Day is being celebrated by the countries of all the organizations of the world.

Tourism not only helps in bringing back the happy moments in our lives but also plays an important role in the social, cultural, political, and economic development of any country.

The tourism industry in European, Coastal African, and East Asian countries has strengthened their economy. Seeing the importance of tourism and the popularity of tourism, the United Nations (UN) decided to celebrate 27 September as World Tourism Day since 1980. The World Tourism Organization was also adopted on this day in 1970. This was the biggest reason to celebrate “World Tourism Day” on September 27.

Every year the theme of World Tourism Day is kept to attract more tourists. The UNWTO theme for the “World Tourism Day 2021” celebrations is: “Tourism for inclusive growth” and this international celebration will be held in Cote d'Ivoire in Africa. It was celebrated on the foundation day of the United Nations World Tourism Organization in 1970. The beginning of celebrating it started in 1980.

The specialty of Tourism Day is that every year different themes are kept on Tourism Day to make people aware in different ways. Although tourism has been the favorite pastime of people all over the world, water-based tourism also has its special importance in tourism.

Many tourist destinations have developed around the world along the banks of rivers, lakes, waterfalls, and India is no exception to this. Tourism has a special significance for countries like India.

The archaeological heritage or culture of a country like India is not only for the philosophical site, it is also considered a source of revenue and at the same time, the livelihood of many people is also associated with the tourism sectors. Today, looking at countries like India, almost all the countries of the world are giving protection to old and historical buildings.

India is a land of innumerable experiences and exotic destinations. Be its grand monuments, ancient temples, or mausoleums, its bright colors and rich cultural heritage are inextricably linked with its technology-driven present. Places like Kerala, Shimla, Goa, Agra, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Mathura, Kashi are always in discussion for their foreign tourists. Millions of foreigners come to visit India every year along with their people in India.

India has great tourism potential. There are beautiful places for all types of tourists, whether they are on an adventure trip, a cultural trip or a pilgrimage, or a trip to the beautiful beaches. In states like Delhi, Mumbai, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, people spend months roaming around. There came a time when the tourist places of India started appearing in danger and it seemed that perhaps India will no longer be the first choice of tourists in the name of a tourist destination.

Due to the economic slowdown and terrorism in the world, it seemed that tourists would no longer like to move to India, but it did not happen. The beauty of India had attracted tourists. This is the reason that different schemes have also been implemented in different cities to attract foreign tourists to India.

The Indian Tourism Department started a new campaign in September 2002 named 'Incredible India'. The purpose of this campaign was to promote Indian tourism on the global platform which was successful to a great extent. This scheme was very successful.

Similarly, the Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation has given a chance to the people to enjoy tourism through the royal ride of the train, named 'Palace on'. This initiative of Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation has been considered to illuminate the name of India on the tourism map of the world. This was the first attempt of its kind to present the tourism potential of the country to the world.

The development in the field of tourism was earlier under the state governments. There was also little effort at the level of coordination among the states. If proper and accurate marketing has done the work of opening the country's gates to foreign tourists, then direct connectivity of tourist places with airports has played an important role in the development of the tourism sector.

Allowing private sector airlines to fly in the country has also played an important role. Amid the narrow distance, people are curious to know about the outside world as well. This is the reason that today tourism has become a booming industry in the world.

Tourism and Water (2013)

On World Tourism Day in 2013, the United Nations advised people and the tourism industry to conserve water and manage water. To ensure the availability of water all over the world. It was urged that the tourist community should focus on the major problems of water management in tourism. And water conservation measures should be promoted in water tourism areas.

What people do on World Tourism Day:

Special packages, reductions in fares, free admission, and discounts are given to increase tourism. The favorite places, regions, destinations, food, culture, etc. of the tourists are promoted. Various types of competitions like photo contests and prize distribution etc. are organized. The general public is encouraged to share these pictures so that cultural and environmental awareness can be promoted through tourism.

Tourism fills the spirits of people who like to experience different ways of life, and keep discovering new types of food and customs. The culture encourages places to visit and more tourism.

Let's become a responsible traveler -

  • Promote local tourism

  • Conserve and protect monuments/historical buildings

  • Say no to plastics

  • Promote greenery

  • Tourists can contribute by turning off the lights of their hotel rooms and unplugging the electrical equipment.

  • Tourists can make a small start by saving energy and water. Saving water during bathing and not changing towels and bedsheets daily are examples of this.

On this "World Tourism Day", I pledge to travel responsibly. While traveling we should take care of ourselves, our nature, and the people around us.

I know we all had a lot of travel plans for this year. But due to corona, all the plans vanished. In 2020, I was supposed to go on an adventurous bike ride in Ladakh, build my first snowman in Gangtok, but that didn't happen and you all know the reason.

However, I'm glad that we are all happy where we are. Dude, we are all still alive and making plans on where to travel once this Corona ends. Aren't we all blessed?

Travelling has always been the greatest part of my life. It has made me confident, modest, and creative. It turned me into a writer, a storyteller and made me realize that happiness can be found in little things like a bowl of maggie at the top of the mountain or a cup of tea amid the wilderness, or the mysterious sound of a waterfall during a trek.

Every year on “World Tourism Day” I feel so grateful to have what feels like a world of adventure, stunning views, and incredibly delicious food, right here in Delhi and right across India.

We pray everything gets normal soon and we all can enjoy the Tourism sector once again with our families and loved ones. Let's pledge to practice all things related to tourism more responsibly, ethically, and for good. Let's promise to be conscious travelers and create less impact on nature and all resources that come from her. Let's learn from each other and travel safely.

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