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Writers Intrigues:- Can We Go Beyond News Writing In The Realm Of Creative Writing In The Present Scenario?

The love writers have over the concept of going beyond news writing was not expected earlier. But then our newspaper, magazines, blogs or any other website is only for the readers. It completely takes care of the satisfaction level of a reader.

It's crucial to explore new genres for several reasons. The first is to provide readers and the content writer's space for recreation. The second reason is not to keep them limited to a specific square of work that is not exploring their potential. The need to probe comes from the point that different readers look for several things.  

Reading only News can get monotonous and usual for readers hence the different genre offers an escape to the minds dealing with so many distressing things happening around the globe. 

Why do we need to go beyond News writing?

If we talk about what is news writing? It is adding 5W (when was, where what and why) and I H (How) to the readers. News is known by our readers, and it will always be new. But when it is beyond news writing, it includes features, articles, editorials, poems, novels (any genre), reviews (movie and book), and whatnot. 

For understanding why we need to go beyond news writing? We must know the importance of creative writing in today’s time. But before that, we should know what exactly is creative writing and why do we need it?

• Creative writing is any writing that goes beyond the conventional professional of writing. It is a type of writing that imaginatively expresses ideas and thoughts. It Is the art of making things up and creating history in the realm of creative writing. The thing which separates creative writing from new writing is the way it is written. It includes Poetry, plays, movie and television scripts, fiction (novel, short stories, etc.), songs, speeches, memoirs, personal essays, and a lot more.

Our youth should be aware of how beautiful creative writing is and, benefits:

. Creative writing helps in building vocabulary. While researching for the rates of article, blog, or post you want to write, you learn many new words. Once you know these words, you won’t be able to forget them ever. On an odd day, you might be describing someone in your writing and might remember the more impressive-sounding or pragmatic word.

. Creative writing helps in improvising the outlined skills. It aids you to stay organized, where to start and what is vital. This skill works for any project, be it on a professional or personal level. Outlining is a principle skill to pursue, and it can be learned or improved with time. 

. Creative writing allows beginners to discover their identity, express themselves and know how to use their imagination, and detect which print suits them. It just demands more and more effort. If given the freedom to write creatively, it will be more intriguing and turn in for you. 

It also develops emotional skills. By creating a story of an old lady, you connect to their emotions and establish how to manage a situation. You will be able to, show empathy towards the character and express different sentiments, which are experienced, by the persona and handle a difficult situation. This knowledge helps you to self-discovery and self-expressing your personality. It enhances your storytelling ability.

Creative writing is everyone’s cup of tea once you start writing daily. You may not be a perfect writer, but eventually, you will start feeling happy, and it will become your regular work.

. It is a platform where ideas come to express their opinions. Different users can write a diverse chapter to a different story. You will slowly have command over both your language and writing.

While writing something which you want to be creative and imaginative so as readers can satisfy their need. It includes:

  1.  Fluency: it is continuously able to provide the idea. It means having a lot of concepts whether you work on a specific kind of genre or different. 

  2. Originality: What our readers expect is this. This means able to originate unusual and uncommon ideas. It must be unique or something which is forwardable.

  3.  Flexibility: it means able to convert your content into a flexible shape. Also, molding the old ideas into the new ones.

  4.  Awareness: Creating awareness regarding whatever topic you choose to interest your readers. To create an imaginative connection, and possibly beyond something obvious.

  5.  Motivation: To grow up with new ideas, and to be passionate about the content.

Differences are not due to happenings. Writing styles have evolved from time to time and generation to generation because of the unique nature of every medium. And how its audience consumes it. However, the writing style of many newspapers gradually changes by shortening and adding of television stories soundtrack.

In the present scenario, the way competition is high. Thus, quality becomes crucial, and when you offer creative work, one should ensure quality. As every profession with time needs updating, innovation, trying, and creating a new experiment. As change is necessary, the readers always demand the best value for the amount of money spending. Be it a newspaper, magazine, or television.

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