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Writing and Why An Individual Writes?

Writing is a norm of human communication in which text is composed that is used to convey meaning. But writing itself is not a language. Writing is merely a tool that makes language visible, readable, or represents it. One should not confuse writing and language. Writing is a form that externalizes human emotion/thinking on an easier platform which makes them consider and reflect on it. It is believed and now accepted that writing started in the 4th millennium BC due to the need for expansion of economic and political power and to record the complex transaction make them dependable and became a permanent fixture. The earliest inscription which is developed and deciphered is the Maya script which is dated according to Maya dates to the early 3rd century BC.

Writing can put everything on record, have awareness of historical stuff possible, make growth, and transcend voice, sight, and death and go beyond it. As the civilizations developed the motivation to keep the history, maintain the culture, organizing and governing, contract, ownership, trade agreement, and so on also arose. Writing may have evolved through political necessities, but the middle of the 5th and 4th century BC has been the time of the literature revolution in Greece.

Writing has this strange quality, it’s like a photograph, for the things and creature in that picture is the real depiction of life, but if you want to move them with your hands you can’t, they preserve that illusory quality to them. As such is with the written words you will find the appearance of the true picture, but if you try to move them it will remain where it is they will stay the same; giving you the appearance of wisdom but they may not be.

A question of why one writes is often asked and answered. There are countless reasons why anyone writes and continues to. Everyone has their unique narrative and way to write. We all have different justifications for why we write.

There is a search for something meaningful, to create something of value. An idea that exists in your heart for an elongated time away to be remembered produces a work of art that will outlast the writers’ life existence. Just the idea that you want to be remembered for yourself, you want to know that you are maybe able to leave proof of your existence through future generations.

There is an artist within each writer and the spirit: to share the art they created, to share the personal expression of art, and to provoke change. Whether the words are written with a pen or typed on a device the writer is unleashing his internal components for all to see. It can be very destructive because writers are putting their life’s value into something which may or may not be approved by the judgment of people.

A writer puts his time, effort, and attention to the details in displaying themselves through their work. They put their heart and soul into what they create because it is closely bound and tied to them. They will forever be attached to it because it always will be a part of them.

Why writers write:

To speak to the audience about what’s in their mind and on the chest.

To provoke change.

To express themselves. 

To find themselves and step forward with self-esteem.

To share their experiences, lives which they find worthy of sharing.

To release stress, complex and intricate thoughts.

To ground themselves.

To maintain a relationship with people.

To have their brief moments of salvations through writing.

 To educate, inspire, develop understanding, gain skills, and provide expertise in a particular field.

Words do not materialize on papers that easily. The words written provide a gateway into the life of the writer. The writer continues to invest in their reader by writing genuine and authentic content that they believe is worthy of being shared. Writers want to give their readers new exciting pieces.

Anyone can write and you just have to find the reason while sticking to it and making it work. Writing can be hazardous and make you feel vulnerable. But in writing, you can make vulnerability, your writing resource and not something that you want to overcome.

Using writing guides. These writing guides are not for learning how to write in concrete format, particular writing strategies because that would make the reason odd which made people curious about writing in the first place. But writing guides are a reminder that everyone thinks differently. And these reminders are needed because usually we edit, cleanse and say what other people want us to say. Then we put a limitation on ourselves and our expressing capability. Write with flow from within. Write in a way that does not care what should be and about conventions. Freedom of speech and creativity and expression can never be compromised in a writer or anyone. And nobody has the right to be offended.

So writing can change lives, create it and design an experience that can be crafted by anyone. You can expand your world when you feel strangled and find friends when you feel lonely. You can compulsively because it’s not a game played with rules.

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