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10 Most Disturbing And Weird Things Superheroes From DC And Marvel Have Ever Done.

The comic legends that are none other than DC and Marvel not only made a huge name in the comic industry, but they have never failed to impress us when it came to the film industry with box office winning movies every year. As a  result, more and more audiences are now aware of Marvel and DC Comics, especially the ones that did not follow comics. Many are DC fans, whereas many are Marvel fans. Well, this debate on which is better seems like a never-ending story. So, here are some of the heroes from both of these comics that have done some disturbing and weird things that we just can’t unsee. Take a look!

1. Tony Stark’s armor tried to pull over the force on himself.

In 2000 Iron Man’s comic no. 26, talks about the scene where Tony Stark's new armor gains the conscious mode and soon was in love with its creator. When Tony tried to get into the older suit to fight it after it had gone violent, the armor feels betrayed because it felt that Stark was actually cheating on it. So it takes him to an island that is deserted and tied him naked to a tree, then beats him up to make him admit his love for it.

2. Green Lantern only had the intention of hooking up with a teenage girl but ends updating her for 2 years

The teenage girl is none other than Arisia, who is a 13-year-old alien who had been helping to save the Earth but it so happens that she had a crush on Hal Jordan. And she later transforms her body into a full-grown woman to impress Hal so that he would not refuse her. The duo was caught by the other Lanterns which was definitely a problem but Hal did not really pay any heed. What becomes weirder is when Hal discovers her age while they are in the middle of it.

3. Kitty Pryde got through things when she gets sexually excited

During the time Joss Whedon was at the command of the astonishing X-Men, he saved Colossus and paired him with Kitty Pryde. The two naturally got close and Kitty tries on Colossus. However, in the end, she falls through the floor screaming 'OMG'. Now, imagine, a kid watching a naked person shouting 'Oh my god' and falling off the roof. Um…no!

4. When Superman became a mantle

In this action comics No. 593, Superman and Big Barda are mind-controlled by Sleez, this character makes them do the work of mantle. Later, the videotape is given to Big Barda's husband. In case it got you wondering why, well, this was actually done to bring down the character, Superman. However, it was not his fault because he was not in his sound mind while doing any of it.  

5. When Hulk amalgamates and then eats up Wolverine

In the comics, Old Man Logan, the Hulk wanted to have a family and the only one in his family who would pass through his gamma radiation genes was She-Hulk, his cousin. So they get intimate and a bunch of hillbilly Hulk kids are born, who grew up and killed Logan's wife and kids. A vengeful Logan had gone to Hulk's house only for the not so gentle Hulk to straight away eat him up! That is totally disgusting and the amalgamation one is definitely weird.

6. When Plastic Man actually became Barda’s dress

Looks like Plastic Man is one certified creep! He had once previously seen Wonder Woman using the restroom. If this was not something terrible, he actually pretended to become a dress and presented it in front of Barda, well Barda being unaware of it of course wore it. Now, this is something beyond weird. 

7. When Logan killed his son

In Uncanny X-Force Vol 1, the climax is seen when Wolverine kills Daken, his son by drowning him in a puddle as he thought that how life would have been without his son, who stayed and raised his own son. Daken's last words continued to run through his head as he accepted that this was the worst kill he has ever made. This is something very disturbing!

8. Batman’s first edition shows him drowning the criminals into acid because he thought they deserved it.

One of the repeated habits of Bruce Wayne was burning people alive. During the first 2 years in Detective Comics, he had killed many villains in some of his creative and unique ways and one of his specialties was by punching and throwing them in the vat of acid.

9. Ant-man turns on The Wasp

If you are one comic lover, you might have definitely seen in the Ant-Man comics, Hank Pym is one violent person. In this series, it escalates into a full-blown fight with his wife, causing her to shrink to escape her husband. But he uses the bug killer spray on her. This didn’t seem to satisfy him so he then follows up with a legion of ants to get the job done.

10. Ant-man spied on his dates using his powers.

Ant-Man has time and again always used his superpowers to spy on unsuspecting women. In comic number 1, Irredeemable Ant-Man, where he fools the woman by making her pay for the food and later goes to her apartment for a cup of tea. After a night, he sneaks back into the apartment where she showers. Well, this was not something that he did for the first time, violating one’s privacy!


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