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Celebrity and Drugs - New Obsession of Indian Media

Bollywood is one of the critical sources of entertainment for the Indian people. They are loved by everyone in India. All the celebrities, their lives, from their airport looks to gym looks is something that is obsessed by everyone in India, be it any age group, a young kid or an old person.


Since the death of the late Sushant Singh Rajput (actor) and the detention of his girlfriend, Rhea Chakraborty has created chaos among all the Bollywood stars. In the wake of Sushant Singh Rajput's sudden death in June last year and the drug use and procurement claims it led to, the Narcotics Control Bureau took action. Different celebrities have been brought in for questioning since then.


In accordance with the NDPS Act (The Narcotic Drugs) and Psychotropic Substance Act (1985), it is illegal for someone to make, manufacture, cultivate, sell, purchase, transport, store, or consume any narcotic or psychotropic substance. Drug offenders can profoundly influence public attitudes, values, and behaviors toward drug abuse, particularly among young people who have not yet taken a firm and informed position on the subject. Youngsters look heavily upon Bollywood celebrities as their idols and, these celebrities are assigned to uphold the morals of society as they influence the younger generations. NCB has been questioning and targetting Bollywood stars, be it young, adults everyone.


A recent incident that caught the eye of the public was the arrest of Aryan Khan, the son of famous superstar Shah Rukh Khan for the consumption of drugs at a cruise party in Mumbai. A raid was conducted, where Aryan Khan was caught, among several others. The case was one of the most significant highlights during his 25 days of arrest. From every minor to vital detail, from media personnel visiting the house of celeb to get a glimpse of the tensed parents to visiting the NCB office every day and for the look of the 23 old. We could see how this case was the most important and highlighted than all the other news in the nation. It was the most prioritized among all the news channels. Everyone was talking about the case, obsessing over it. During the past 25 days, much other news was neglected and not highlighted as Aryan Khan’s trial was on the priority. The fact that the son of the minister ran over a group of protesting farmers in Lakhimpur Kheri on killing four people was not a piece of important news for the Indian public. The new Delta Variant of Corona Virus, found in India, is also certainly not something, that the Indian media finds essential to highlight and, aware the nation to stay cautious. 


Indian Media has forever been a sucker for high TRP rates. Instead of showing main problems, they focus on news that can bring the public in front of the tv and give them a piece of news to gossip over tea and biscuits. Aryan Khan is a son of a superstar and his arrest in the case of drugs was shocking but not of importance to the nation. Yes, it is something, the public would love to get engaged with but then prioritizing it is not something, that the media should have done. The same scenario was observed last year when  Rhea Chakraborty was jailed, in the same case. The issue was made of such importance that all the other news felt of less importance. Undoubtedly everyone finds the lives of Bollywood stars mesmerizing and glamorous and, people come together in front of the screen and discuss the issue but, if in the same manner other important news were highlighted then maybe the reaction from the public would be the same.


It is sad to see that the national media of India finds a Bollywood celebrity drug case more important than the rise of a new delta variant of covid or the killing of farmers.

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