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Chris Rock FINALLY responses!

Chris Rock’s Ongoing Slander of Will Smith One of the world’s greatest comedians to ever grab the mic had more to say about the “Slap heard ‘round the world,” during one of his recent comedy skits. The comedian, who has received momentous amounts of support since the 2022 Academy Awards Show, had a few more remarks to add about the incident. Rock, who was on tour for his latest comedy run, had given his long-expected opinion on what happened on that faithful night at the Hippodrome Theater in Baltimore.

The comedian was getting into detail of his thought process of the situation and had masterfully conducted a humorous anecdote about it. Rock had mentioned that he ‘had nothing to do with it,’ when referencing the problems that arose from Smith’s marriage to Jada Pinkett Smith. Rock, who had made a joke about Jada’s hair had spurred a surge of anger from Mr. Smith, resulting in the famous “open-handed assault.” “The b*tch was the one who started it,” Rock proclaimed during his nine-minute skit about the world-famous power couple. It has been no secret that the Smiths have had their fair share of controversy aimed their way during the past few years. Jada’s and Will’s relationship received worldwide attention when it was revealed that Jada had been in a short-term relationship with American singer, August Alsina. Jada stated that the way her “entanglement” with August began was response to a cry of help he had given her and since then, things had taken off.

The revelation had come when the couple had discussed their marital problems on The Red Table Talk Show, and the world saw what had appeared to have been a complete psychological warfare being done on Will Smith. After the discussion had ended, the entirety of social media had rallied together to mock Will Smith for having allowed his wife to have an “entanglement “with a man twice his junior. Rock had made the point that the real damage that had occurred before “The Slap”, had happened way before the night of the Awards. Will Smith had been suffering badly in the psychological grips of his wife, many have suspected. The controversy had caused many to take sides. PEOPLE magazine had made an article that had defended Jada’s honor by stating that Rock was ‘obsessed with her’ and stated that his insanity had led him to performing at her hometown of Baltimore. It is reported that Jada had heard of the special and was offended by it.

Will Smith, the man who would end up winning Best Actor for playing Serena and Venus’ father in King Richard, would end up with a bad taste in his mouth. According to StyleCaster, ‘“Will is embarrassed and hurt by what Chris said about him and his family in his Netflix special. He didn’t watch it, but he had people tell him what Chris said,” a source told ET. ‘”( During the aftermath, Smith had done everything in his power to repent for his sins by making an apology video to Rock and stated that he regrets what he did. Prior to his special, there have been no response from him. Many have commented that Smith’s public apologies were just a means to an end. No there was no denying how damaging this was to Will Smith’s reputation. Many people were seeing the emotional turmoil that Smith had undergone during his marriage with his wife, Jada and they all suspected that the Slap was volcano waiting to erupt. As a result of that eruption, Smith had been banned from the Academy for 10 years.

It is no secret that marital affairs could be a real source of heartache and emotional upheaval. Jada’s relationship with August Algina had given him a dent in his heart. During the Red Table Talk Show, the world had seen a heartbroken, humiliated and some would argue, an emasculated man. It had become apparent that Jada, while explaining why she committed the adulterous act, appeared unapologetic and inconsiderate of how her husband had felt about it. Unfaithfulness from his wife could lead the man to do horrific things, as what was witnessed on that faithful night. And that was the message that Rock was implying. Jada’s affairs with August have not been the only one that has ever made Smith doubt himself. It is no mystery that Jada had a thing with the late rapper, Tupac Shakur, who was tragically killed back in 1996. Will Smith had admitted that he had felt envious of Tupac and ‘‘he was always jealous of Tupac.’’ ( It was quite evident why Smith felt envious of the late rapper since he and Jada had such close ties from the beginning of their relationship. Jada and ‘Pac had been friends since high school, and it may be possible that Smith had always felt like he was in second place. It had been reported that Tupac felt hurt when Jada had told him to ‘not beat up Will, according to a childhood friend.” (

Relationships are complicated. There is no “ifs”, “ands” or “buts” about it.

Hopefully Rock and Smith have a conversation and make amends.

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