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FEMINISM -A Biased Shift from Reality (A study on films portraying “Feminism” wrongly)

Some variations in the foundation of the conception have the eventuality to dispose of the legality and possibility of feminism being extensively accepted and embraced, which seems to be a problem in ultra-modern times. — 


 [ 1 ] Some people believe in fair treatment of women but don’t consider themselves “Sexists”.

[ 2 ] Some people suppose that all women should be sexists if they believe in equivalency. 


 Feminism is about the equivalency of genders not the oppressing of the other. However, all people who believe in equivalency would stand proudly and call themselves feminists. If society were to present Feminism for what it's supposed to be and not the horrible injustice that it has been supposed to be.


What a true Feminist shouldn't Do? 

 1. A real Feminist didn't play the victim card when she's wrong. 

 2. A real Feminist wouldn't treat Feminism as a Privilege. 

 3. A real Feminist never gonna past any kind of "Sexist" comments against any gender. 

 4. A real Feminist never gonna call out comments like "All men are Dogs".




Myths about Feminism 

 [ ● ] Feminism seeks female Supremacy over a male.

 [ ● ] Men became feminists to seek attention. 

 [ ● ] Feminists just hate seeing men in power. 

 [ ● ] Feminists are angry and toxic women. 



Since the mid 19s motion pictures dependent on woman's rights was begun making in India. Motion pictures have for some time been utilized as an instrument to depict human minds and thoughts that are here and there considered unthinkable in actuality. The characters in films have had an enormous effect, as to sexual orientation generalization, on crowds, all things considered.

The women's activist development has continually battled for ladies' rights and uniformity to put ladies on equivalent remaining to men in the general public. This transformation has since been interpreted onto the cinemas as movies portray ladies assuming noticeable and prevailing parts in films which is a glaring difference to the past when ladies assumed an agreeable and docile part to the male person.

Besides, films reflect the changing idea of our general public, anticipating that men should act in agreement with cultural assumptions deconstructing the male generalization. Along these lines, the expanding pattern in films moving away from depicting men as having the conventional manly quality, recreating it to more what named today as the "New Age Men (NAM)" has been an aftereffect of the expanding conspicuousness and strength of females in films and the advancing idea of the general public. Movies sway crowds and may depict an impression of the general public. The unique idea of the general public depicted through films has been a contributing variable to the deconstruction of the male sexual orientation generalization.

There are numerous Indian films made on "woman's rights" to pass on its genuine importance and to mindful individuals about 'sexual orientation correspondence'. In any case, hardly any films were someplace totally and someplace to some extent not passing on the real importance of "women's liberation" and rather advancing disdain towards the male society. There are many movies, for example, PINK, DIL DHADAKNE DO and some more.


● The film PINK was not passing on the specific right directive for the general public for young ladies however the part played by Amitabh Bachchan didn't baffle us much which likewise demonstrates that all men are not a creature and young ladies going out with young men around evening time are ruined so we ought not to pass judgment on any man before knowing them. PINK showed some solid person against the happenings of the genuine world yet neglected to get a portion of the happenings in a genuine world.


● The film LIPSTICK UNDER MY BURKHA attempted to show how ladies are being treated by the general public and ladies heroes in this was a lot of misrepresented when it went to their necessities and all together satisfy their requirements every one of them submits botch which now and again were not ethically right and, at times, lawfully. Likewise, it was against the pride of a lady as well as of a person as well!


● The film DIL DHADAKNE DO, but somewhat neglected to contact the hearts of numerous because it was fundamentally an exclusive class film. We as a whole are much mindful of the way that most sexual orientation segregation is looked at by the lower-and working-class individuals. At the point when individuals can't relate themselves to the film, the message of the film won't be passed on according to assumptions.


Aside from these Tollywood motion pictures, there are not many Tollywood films that additionally attempted to pass on the genuine importance of 'woman's rights' however seriously flopped like PARAMA, GOYNAR BAKSHO, and so forth


● In GOYNAR BAKSHO film we could perceive how the advancement of the treatment of females in the public arena occurred yet rather than accepting the development the contempt for men was shown and how they are answerable for the situation in the public arena held by ladies. Not many scenes were displayed to advance women's liberation yet severely fizzled and passed on off-base significance.


PARAMA film additionally one of those motion pictures which was delivered during the late 19. In many parts where the creator might have shown all the more pleasantly on ladies' privileges and needs would not do as such or neglected to communicate and made the suggestive cravings the focal point of the film. Woman's rights are consistently said to stand up uproarious as opposed to being numb! Moreover "you are answerable for your activities" which implies you can't fault anybody.


● Yet there are likewise a few films that have depicted the genuine significance of "woman's rights" impeccably and among them, one is BIJOYA a Kaushik Ganguly Tollywood movie. BIJOYA as a "women's liberation" based film can be finished up as a 'genuine women's liberation' film where a ladies' nobility was ensured by her own, where she was consistent and her fair choice made us like her as a lady. Additionally, colossal regard for men like Nasir and Ganesh the male hero who upheld the lady regardless and will regard her and they were all around expected to secure a lady's pride. Bijoya is a film where the genuine poise of a lady and how her choices ought to be regarded by the guys have been depicted well indeed.


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