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Film Review: Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse

 Expanding past the creative and technological limits of its predecessor, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse (2023) is the delightfully entertaining continuation of Miles Morales’ story as Spider-Man. Colorful, bold, and equally spectacular as it is amazing, Across the Spider-Verse, swung into theaters last weekend and swept audiences off their feet, and with hardly over a week after its premiere, the film boasts some impressive statistics.


 In merely 12 days, the sequel film flew past its predecessor in total box office earnings, surpassing the Academy Award-winning Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (2018). The movie made $226 million domestically and $390 million globally, becoming Sony’s highest-grossing animated film to date. The film is also one of the longest animated films of all time at a runtime of 136 minutes. However, audiences and critics seemingly loved every minute of it as the movie obtained a “Certified Fresh” distinction on Rotten Tomatoes, holding a 96% critic score and 95% audience rating. While the numbers can certainly speak for themselves, it doesn’t do justice to experiencing the film.


With some time passed since Into the Spider-Verse, our main hero Miles has gained valuable experience and knowledge as his Earth’s new Spider-Man, maturing into his role as a superhero. Yet, as Miles struggles to juggle his two lives as an academically gifted student and web-slinging vigilante, he begins to buckle under the weight of his expanding responsibilities. Eager to reconnect with his other Spider-friends and defeat a new evil that lies beyond his universe, Miles must leave behind the only world he’s ever known to face this new challenge, journeying across the multiverse in the process. Once Miles is made aware of a larger multiverse of “Spider-people”, he is forced to question his place in the wider “Spider-Verse”.


Fundamentally, the film succeeds at being a Spider-Man film as it's full of web-slinging action and heart-wrenching challenges. It places classic Spider-Man trials and puts them on a cosmic scale; societal isolation, the overwhelming weight of massive responsibility and making difficult choices with potentially catastrophic consequences. While this may sound similar to previous multiversal challenges faced by another Spider-Man in the MCU, Across the Spider-Verse is brilliantly unique in narrative and execution. 


The first act tells the audience everything they need to know about the film while simultaneously withholding intriguing details to be gloriously unfolded in later acts. It is apparent from the very beginning of the film that the visuals and storytelling are even more symbiotic in this installment as the story starts with Gwen Stacy, AKA Spider-Woman, belting out a visually and audibly stunning drum solo. It also becomes clear that while Miles is still the main character of this story, he is not the only person this movie is about. In fact, Miles isn’t introduced until 20 minutes after the beginning.


The time spent outside of Miles’ universe shows just how much this Spider-Verse film has evolved from the last one. Into the Spider-Verse portrayed a more stylistically rich and bold Spider-Man story, this sequel does that even more so. After first contact with the villains and Spider-people from other universes, the movie expands in design, color and expression. From 1970s British Punk Rock aesthetics to Silver Age comics design, each universe (and subsequent Spider-Man) is masterfully expressed within their themes, portraying just how boldly this film seeks to bypass the creative boundaries set up in the first film. Each universe the movie travels through is distinct and unique in visuals and sound, and the artistry of the animation and design can be clearly felt. 


The worldbuilding and aesthetics achieved in the film come together to complement the central conflict of the movie; With an endless spectrum of colorful and stylistic Spider-people, how does Miles' fit in? Where Miles had to question whether or not he had what it takes to even be a wall-crawling superhero in Into The Spider-Verse, he’ll now have to question his place amongst a wider universe when met with the same challenges that those who harbor great responsibility must face. This paired with his struggle to forge his own path as his responsibilities to others grow makes for a gripping and absorbing conflict. The conflict of this film is a strikingly organic continuation of plot points and character arcs introduced in the first movie. 


With so many new elements being introduced, originating from a desire to rapidly expand from the foundations established in the first film, certain points of the film can feel congested and overwhelming in detail. Despite that, character arcs and plot points are fluidly tied together, forming a glorious cohesion of engaging narrative. Additionally, the pacing of the narrative rarely feels awkward as action sequences and comedic moments are cleverly woven together, making a delightful viewing experience.



Across the Spider-Verse is a worthy sequel to its Academy Award-winning predecessor, as it successfully expands on everything that was good from the first movie. Bursting in visual and sound design majesty that expertly ties into its thrilling plot, it’s a treat to the senses. Ultimately, this movie is packed with all the love, action and style a Spider-Man fan can wish for from a Spider-Man movie. 


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