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How BTS Revolutionized K-Pop and Men's Fashion

K-Pop culture has revolutionized the dynamics of music, dance and, above all, fashion. K-Pop industry has channeled fresh waves of sensation throughout the entertainment industry. Various bands within K-Pop culture, from EXO to Black pink, have got today's generation raving about their outfits and costumes. Out of which, one of the most popular ones is BTS. Their fashion game has contributed to being one of the most idolized among the other bands.

BTS is a boy band from South Korea. They have seven members, Jin, Suga, RM, JHope, Jimin, V and Jung-kook. All the members are renowned in the recreational industry for their music and fashion. Known for raising bars with their individualistic yet distinctive styles, they are one of the most popular bands in the world. Their technique has elevated new age fashion and styling in men's fashion. In today's time, men's fashion is far less optimized than women's fashion. But with introducing K-Pop into the industry, the fashion stakes for men have changed. Wondering how? Well, you need to read further about how BTS revolutionized K-Pop and men's fashion. 

BTS Closet 

Worldwide dynamite, BTS has the highest net worth among its other opponents in the music industry in South Korea. The seven-member band induces their fashion on the dependability of each member. Each member carries an inclusive form of styling from luxury to street wear brands. Their persona is striking and admirable among their fans. To get to know their fashion better, let's decode with our first member from BTS. Jin is known for his comfortable yet effortless styling from Givenchy, giving out a classy charisma. Suga contributes to minimalist styling from Fear of God and mastermind.

The leader of the group RM is found in Japanese street wear clothing from Yamamoto WTAPS and NEIGHBOURHOOD. Coming to J-Hope, he is the ultimate fashion icon with brands like KAWS, Supreme and Balenciaga, adding their fashion phenomena to his style. Next up, we have V and Jimin, who love brands like Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci. Last, we have Jungkook with his favorites from Carhartt.

Map of Soul

Their last album, Map of the soul, rolled around the color palettes of pink, pastel and bright colors. Their featured song Boy with Luv, in collaboration with Halsey, had those wearing Valentino shirts and denim jackets, Saint Laurent t-shirts and a striped Alpaca-blend sweater from Isabel Marant Étoile with pastel hair to match the theme. For their performances for the live nights, the band issued a menswear collection from Louis Vuitton. J-Hope adorning electric blue co-ord set with safety orange "utility gilet" and Abloh-designed Off-White Nile Air Force. Suga was wearing a blue leather cut-away vest and a billowing oversized shirt with black pants.

In contrast, the other members were wearing similar graphic utility designs made from silk. In one of the other reality shows, they were seen wearing outfits inspired by the 60s, dressed in classic black suits and skinny black ties.

BTS and Dior 

For one of their concerts, BTS was styled in custom made Dior clothing, which became immensely popularized among the fashion novas of the industry. The designs were inspired from utilitarian and futuristic sportswear silhouettes of Kim Jones' Pre-Fall 2019 collection; BTS was also sporting cargo pants, harnesses, bombers and saddlebags, while industrial chains and brooches by Dior's Jeweler Director Yoon Ahn emphasized each look.

Breaking Stereotypes 

BTS, specifically, are viewed as significant figures in decidedly changing western perspectives towards Asian men as sex images and guiding manliness away from prejudice norms. Their receptiveness when managing intense subject matters both individually and inside the gathering, and their wearing of pink, pastels, sequins, decorations, skirts, satchels, chokers or corsets without reservation. This appreciation for other apparel and their unique flora has charmed them in the world of design. However, BTS does not have many fashion supports, as they prefer to purchase just what advances to them. So when they choose to wear a specific thing, it only sells out worldwide. 

With its pop culture dynamics in fashion, BTS has revolutionized men's fashion and created history with its saga of high fashion throughout the world. BTS serves as an inspiration for many, not only for their music but also for fashion. They have highlighted women's fashion in their apparel and concluding them with their style. They are slowly elevating the gender-based fashion norms and creating a world of men of fashion accepting of female fashion ethics, devoting an incredible fusion of the two. Today BTS fashion is breaking through social stigmas and bringing out a fashion revolution in the fashion market.

One might think why men's fashion should innovate changes conjuring from the women's fashion. But that is the beauty of fashion. It is just now, but K-Pop has customizing fashion for a long time now. K-Pop fashion has proven to be the ultimate future of fashion worldwide. Today BTS fashion has been globalised, inspiring men around the men to come out of their shells and contribute to the fashion revolution. But this all won't be possible if K-Pop fashion wasn't so revolutionized. So let's together welcome the Broadway society and accept changes and contribute to diverse fashion ethics and help the fashion industry grow progressively and one of breaking out of stereotypes?

So many beautiful fashion statements. By now you would have your favorites. So which members fashion senses you loved the most?

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