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I Watched The Giants vs Vikings And I Was Shocked

Why does the United States have such a fascination with this terribly violent sport? 

Play after play looked like scenes from a medevil battle.  I watched the quartback  tackled during the 4th quarter, as his head snapped back with a look as if he was being stabbed, with his eyes closed.

One of the clues could be our universities. The Universities in the United States are meant to be places of learning.  But how can learning take place in the backdrop of concussions? Concussions are the apotheosis of learning.  Having our instituions embedded this type of violence is a recipe for disaster. 


Our universities are places where we should learn  that the efects of this sport are so damaging.  Boston Massachusetts is home to Harvard University, with one of the most prestigous medical schools in the world.  Also close by Harvard is Foxboro Massachusetts , where screaming fans cheer as helmeted giants charge at eachother at full speed. 

As I watched the (aptly named) Vikings vs Giants play  , play after play was filled with violent hits. Shortly after kickoff in the 4th quarter, a player was injured , laying on his back.  It is great that he was okay and able to get back up from this. His teammate - the reciever was brutalized-  He caught the kickoff and lost his shoe in the process.

 It was offensive and hard to watch.  But there is so much money to be made. Millions are at stake , so he had to keep running.

Another explanation that came to me is the militarization of American culture.  It appeared as if I was watching a literal battle taking place.  The players were actually tring to bring harm and pain to each other as much as they could.

When I watched the referees they appeared almost like SS officers , or gestapo.  They hand gestures they make look similiar to nazi salutes when they call pentalty flags. I am not saying the referees are nazis, it is just a hard comparison not to make. During the game there is a phantom of fascism that is hard to ignore.

I believe there is some hope that we can come to our senses. But there also remains a danger of becoming so accustomed to viewing violence. Violence is cyclical.  

A wise philosopher once said " the sleep of reason breeds monsters. 

I believe as the United States ends its foreign occupations , we might be coming to our senses.  Football might soon lose its peak popularity , as less violent sports such as soccer or lacrosse take its place.

There is a popular movement building to listen to doctors about the dangers of this sport.  As I watched a player being tackled when he was alrwady out of bounds , I wonder how the referees can think they are in control of this game. It is barely controlled chaos.



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