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Is media consumption affecting life choices? A brief overview of how media consumption affects major life decisions.

According to an article by The Times of India, films/movies motivate us to take measures and many of them teach us valuable life lessons. In numerous instances, films serve as an inspiration to students and others in the community. Movies and television shows can help improve our imagination. People frequently try to see themselves as someone else and then work to become that person.

As explained by High on Films, Movies make us think. They make us compassionate, help us understand others’ struggles, and they help put various situations into perspective. They can also be wonderful muses for someone that needs a dose of motivation. Films like Rocky and Coach Carter inspired a new generation of athletes, and dramas like Good Will Hunting and It’s A Wonderful Life have helped provide an incredible perspective on self-discovery and development.

Ashie Chebiyam said she was obsessed with the movie Legally Blonde when she was 13. Chebiyam, a political science and pre-law sophomore at the University of Massachusetts, said “Legally Blonde was like my 13-year-old obsession,” when asked whether she had a favourite movie or show that was related to her field of study.

According to PlayOn, after watching an inspiring movie, you may feel like you want to improve yourself or humanity in a particular way and as reported by Infinity Learn, students can learn about the lives of many characters through watching films. Films can depict the realities of many individuals living in various places of the world. 

For example, Students can learn about the French Revolution by studying the Second World War or seeing a film like Les Misérables. Inspirational films assist pupils in grasping topics such as theme, style, and so on. Concepts can be difficult for pupils to grasp at times. An inspirational movie's defining topic, style, and genre assist kids to absorb these principles that are more recognisable to them.

Chebiyam believes that movies and shows have made a big impact on her career choice. She has a somewhat clear idea of success, “I believe I will feel successful,” she said, “when I am satisfied with what I am doing.” Chebiyam has grown extremely passionate about her major.

In Legally Blonde, the female protagonist discovers her passion for law and uses her knowledge to defend a falsely accused client. The primary characters in Suits work at a prominent Manhattan law firm and solve cases. It is safe to assume that Chebiyam's understanding of the legal principles she desires was amended today and was influenced by her studies as well as the media she consumes.

Infinity Learn has also reported that an excellent inspiring film may entertain, educate, and motivate kids in a variety of ways. Inspirational films will help you improve numerous elements of your life while also amusing you. 

These films can make us think. Students who have never seen conflict firsthand can be moved to tears by films. Each learner has their learning style. Students may struggle to learn through reading at times. 

As a result, inspirational films are an excellent resource for pupils since they allow them to grasp concepts without difficulty. Students can gain new insights into life by watching motivational films.

 “My way of making a difference in this world is to help the legal system and society," Chebiyam said.

According to Kubbco everyone, but especially students and young professionals with huge ideas and goals, might be inspired by the media. Many influencers are willing to publicly share their knowledge to assist others to flourish. It can be life-changing to see films, shows, and people who encourage you to stick to your beliefs, dream big, and change the world.

Inspiring films show us a new way of thinking, feeling, and living our life. The ability to inspire films to heal, grow, and improve one's mood. That is why we are unable to assess our students as a whole. 

We cannot also measure as an institution's spokesman. Students are extremely concerned with their social lives. The majority of the pupils use their computers to watch films. Many students are interested in the techniques and technology used in the filmmaking process. 

This piques their interest in learning about ultramodern and cutting-edge technologies. Furthermore, films have a significant impact on both the physical and mental perceptions of everyday life.

The Life of Pi is a film that has personally influenced me. The story of this movie is about Pi Patel trying to survive in a lifeboat adrift in the middle of nowhere. His fight against the odds is aided by the presence of a hyena and a male Bengal tiger. I was really young when I watched it, but now that I'm older, I see how meaningful it is. The film is extremely motivating and encouraged me to never give up. You can be in the middle of the ocean with nothing but a tiger on your boat and still live. It's a wonderfully inspiring movie that taught me to keep working no matter what obstacles I face. 

Aside from facts, consider a movie, perhaps your favourite or one you recently viewed, and you will discover that it has influenced you in some manner. Maybe you started studying harder, or maybe you altered your perspective on life. Movies and television shows have that effect on us.

When asked if this media inspired her, Chebiyam smiled and said, “Yes, yeah it honestly did. I was obsessed with Suits like I would watch it every night.”

Today, this rising sophomore is devoted to what she wants to do and admires political science, but this would not have been possible, she said, if she hadn't watched some of the legal classics. Her viewpoint on what she wants to do with her life would have been very different. Life can change very fast, it only takes one push to make a decision, and hers came from visual media.

In conclusion, media consumption has a notable impact on individuals' life choices, influencing their career aspirations, values, and decision-making processes. By being aware of the potential influence of media and engaging in thoughtful consumption, individuals can navigate the media landscape more effectively and make choices that align with their genuine interests and goals.



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