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“It’s Giving Rebirth Energy” Weekly Energy Report of November 13, 2023 with Madi Murphy

This week, Madi Murphy reports on the weekly energy of November 13th. Murphy is an astrologer and entrepreneur who created Cosmic RX radio to be an intuitive guide for people. 


Cosmic RX is a podcast that gives people useful tools and tips to live their most spiritually intune life. This podcast is a great way to dive into what the stars are doing and how it may affect our day-to-day lives on Earth.


Murphy shares that the week of November 13th is a time to ask ourselves about what we are ready to invest in. 


In these weekly reports, Murphy focuses on the moon in particular. 


“Understanding the moon can help us stay centered and powerful throughout all of the different emotions,” Murphy said. “We cannot control what is happening around us but we can absolutely control how we react.” 


So, what can we expect from this week? 


Monday of this week is the first day of the Scorpio new moon. 


“There is transformation in the air,” Murphy said. "It's giving rebirth energy."


The new moon in Scorpio comes in at 4:27 A.M. on Monday morning. Murphy explains that this is a time to think about the opportunities that help answer the questions of who we are and who we are becoming. 


This new moon in Scorpio is pushing us into the energy of getting back into some of our rituals, writing down our manifestations, and taking time to own our own personal power. 


“This is a great time to think about where you may want to be in six months,” Murphy said. “Some powerful manifestation themes you can focus on are finances, intimacy, chemistry, and personal power.”


On Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, the moon is in Sagittarius. This energy is free and high-vision times. Murphy proclaims that we might feel some bursts of energy, possibly reckless energy that we can use on the quest of where we as humans want to go. This moon in Sagittarius encourages us to take some steps and jump into visionary energy. 


“These days, encourage yourself to go out on a journey, experience something,” Murphy said. “Whether that be going to a store, making a pinterest board . . . this time will feel good for that outward energy.”


Moving into Thursday and Friday of this beautiful week, we enter Capricorn moon. Murphy talks about this energy as a time to feel more stable, peaceful, and focused. These can be the days to push us to get things wrapped up and try to hone in on some diligent motivational energy inside us. 


Saturday until Sunday, the moon is in Aquarius. 


“The moon in Aquarius brings us to get into the community,” Murphy said. 


Things to indulge in this energy could be going to brunch with some girlfriends, taking a pottery class, meeting some new people, or even letting go and having fun at a bar crawl. 


This is the day to plug into other people and the energy around you. 


Personally, I understand the skepticism about all things spirituality, crystals, sound bowls, etc. That being said, I have learned to develop a great appreciation for thoughts like this. 


Not only does it help me stay centered but it is a constant reminder that being open and listening to your intuition will never harm you. 


In the midst of all the craziness that is 2023, we might as well put a little faith into the sky and wise astrologers.


At the very least, you might find that some of it resonates with you and your life.

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