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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner’s Surprise Split Turns Messy

After four years of marriage, singer Joe Jonas has officially filed for divorce from Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner. 


Fans were understandably shocked by news of the split, especially considering the couple had recently given birth to their second child.


To quell some of the concerns and questions of fans, Jonas and Turner took to Instagram to share a joint statement on the matter, saying, “There are many speculative narratives as to why but, truly this is a united decision and we sincerely hope that everyone can respect our wishes for privacy for us and our children.”


Things briefly settled down until people began pointing out how just weeks earlier Turner had posted a picture on social media of her kissing Jonas’ hand (seemingly a loving, happy gesture). This brought into question the idea that the divorce was a “united decision,” with some even speculating that Turner herself was caught off guard by the divorce. 


Credit: Instagram


Questions, speculations, and theories only got crazier when TMZ started releasing “exclusive insider information” from sources that claimed to be close with the ex-couple. With headlines such as “JOE JONAS, SOPHIE TURNER RING CAMERA VIDEO/AUDIO WAS LYNCHPIN TO DIVORCE” that began with the statement: “Joe Jonas saw/heard something with Sophie Turner that was the last straw in his decision to file for divorce, and it involves a ring camera.” These rather vague statements left much to the imagination, meaning the drama that could have ended was quickly reignited. 


These TMZ articles about Jonas’ divorce were being published at a rapid rate, with the most shocking claims being about Turner’s parenting. In an article titled “JOE JONAS AND SOPHIE TURNER HEADED FOR DIVORCE”, TMZ says that Jonas was taking care of he and Turner’s two kids, even while on tour. This then led to claims that Turner is an avid party girl who left all the parenting responsibilities to Jonas. 


Interestingly enough, these articles did anything but turn the internet against Turner. Although a few fans ran with the claims that Turner was an allegedly uncaring mother, many pointed out the fishiness of the whole situation. 


Those on Turner’s side referred to the fact that every article being published by TMZ was strongly pro-Jonas, making many accusations against Turner while claiming Jonas had no fault in the divorce. They didn’t try to hide their bias either, publishing an article called “JOE JONAS TAKES THE KIDDOS OUT TO EAT… After Filing For Divorce” where they praised the singer’s parenting skills as well as publishing photos of him being silly with his kids. 

Joe Jonas Takes Daughters Out to Eat After Filing for Divorce from Sophie  Turner

Credit: TMZ


But why would TMZ be so pro-Jonas, according to these fans? Well, some are speculating that Jonas was the one who helped publish these articles, apparently hiring TMZ to make him look good during the divorce. Along with this theory, people say the “exclusive insider” is actually Jonas himself, who is sharing any details that may condemn his soon-to-be ex-wife.


While celebrities have been known to hire paparazzi to take staged photos, there’s no simple way to prove Jonas manipulated the tabloids (although TMZ has been known to twist stories in favor of certain people). 


Manipulated or not, fans disliked the way Turner was being portrayed in the media, saying people would rather “mom-shame” than question the validity of TMZ’s “inside source”. 


Social media and news sites will inevitably take drama like this a bit too far (if you can call it “drama”). Indeed, this seems like another serious life event that would have been better left private, even if it is entertaining. Hopefully, Turner and Jonas may find peace after all this chaos. I certainly am a believer that a calm after the storm of divorce will arrive, even for celebrities. 




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