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Jonah Hill’s Past Relationship Reveals How Boundaries Can Become Abuse

Jonah Hill, an actor known for performances in blockbuster films such as The Wolf of Wall Street and Superbad, has recently had text messages with ex-girlfriend Sarah Brady exposed online. These messages, posted on Instagram by Brady, who dated Hill from 2021 to the end of 2022, were used to accuse Hill of toxic behavior in the relationship, alleged by Brady to be abusive. 

 Jonah Hill: Alleged text messages are proof men are getting worse | — Australia's leading news siteJonah Hill's Ex Sarah Brady Accuses Actor of Emotional Abuse | Teen Vogue

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So why share these messages now? “...because keeping it to myself was causing more damage to my mental health than sharing it could ever do,” she shared on Instagram.


These texts have divided the internet, with some questioning whether this can be classified as abuse– saying Hill’s boundaries are fair, and in making them quite clear, acted responsibly. Similarly some, such as H3 Podcast’s Ethan Klein, questioned whether these texts should have been posted at all, arguing that although we are in an age where almost everything is put online, some things are better left private. 


Others have applauded Brady’s bravery in sharing these screenshots, saying that as a public figure, Hill’s behavior deserves to be seen by all. Additionally, those in support of Brady have posited that these “boundaries” are anything but. As a professional surfer, those that stand with the now 26 year old have argued that Hill was absurd in not allowing Brady to post pictures in bathing suits, as well as telling her the type of people who she can and can’t be with (particularly in saying she cannot surf with men). Brady seemingly agrees, calling Hill a “narcissistic misogynist”. 


Jonah Hill, who in May of this year welcomed a baby with current girlfriend Olivia Millar, is yet to publicly make a statement about these leaked screenshots. Meanwhile his legal team has made a comment on another, more severe allegation from former child-star Alexa Nikolas. This allegation, which Nikolas says she was prompted to share following Brady’s Instagram post, claims that as a 16 year old, a then 24 year old Jonah Hill forced himself on her at a party hosted by actor Justin Long. Nikolas further shares that there were other underage actresses at this party, and that they were also being pursued by actors several years their senior. 


On Twitter, Hill’s legal team said, “It never happened,” claiming that Nikolas is, “...demonstrably unreliable. Your source is a serial accuser who has made assorted accusations against multiple men in the entertainment industry. That includes a claim she made for 'sexual assault' against her ex-husband that she later voluntarily withdrew after she got some media attention.” 


The allegations from Sarah Brady raise questions over whether insecurity is an excuse to be controlling, and when boundaries start becoming toxic. It also poses a conversation over what we post online: should all public figures accept the fact that their private life may be exposed at any moment? Where do we draw a line at sharing private information online, especially that that could have a negative impact on someone’s life and/or career? On the other hand, Alexa Nikolas’ allegations make us question how we can better protect young Hollywood stars, and how to best make powerful people take accountability. In situations such as these, the most we can hope for is for the truth to come out, and for justice to come to those that deserve it. 


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