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Snowy Holidays: Why cold holidays are better for your mental health.

The cold nature of winter holidays leads to thousands of advertisements for warm tropical destinations and while many people envision tropical destinations and warm climates for their holiday getaways, there is a compelling case to be made for embracing the charm of snowy holidays. Beyond the picturesque landscapes and the opportunity to engage in winter sports, opting for cold holidays can have significant benefits for both your wallet and mental health.

One of the primary advantages of choosing a snowy holiday is the potential cost savings. Cold destinations tend to be more budget-friendly compared to their warmer counterparts. Flights, accommodations, and activities in snow-covered locales often come with lower price tags, making it easier for families and individuals to enjoy a memorable holiday without breaking the bank. Mateusz Milocha commented whilst on the slopes saying, “It was easier for me to bring my family here rather than some sunny destination for what was essentially the price of a small car.” The off-peak nature of winter travel can result in reduced prices, allowing travellers to make the most of their holiday budgets. This comes incredibly handy when travelling with children during their school holidays as well.

Snowy holidays offer a plethora of unique experiences that warm-weather destinations simply cannot match. From skiing and snowboarding to ice skating and snowmobiling, winter activities provide a sense of adventure and novelty. Some may argue that these snow sports are only for the likes of the uber-rich however these very same activities can be found in small snowy mountainous towns thus elevating the burden on your wallet. The adventures one can have in these small towns with these activities, not only add excitement to your holiday but also contribute to lasting memories that warm beaches may not offer. The thrill of conquering a snowy mountain or gliding across a frozen lake can create a sense of accomplishment and joy. And even if snow sports aren’t your thing, your kids will and the skills they will learn on the slopes will help them in everyday life.

Cold holidays can have immense positive effects on mental health. The winter season has been associated with a calming and soothing impact on the mind. The crisp, fresh air and the quiet beauty of snow-covered landscapes contribute to a sense of tranquillity. Engaging in outdoor winter activities also promotes physical well-being and can serve as a natural mood booster, combating the seasonal blues that some individuals may experience during the colder months. While any sport has its risks, life skills can be learnt on the slopes and a good snowball fight will fix any argument. Renowned ski instructor Weronika Boska who teaches children in Zakopane, in the very south of Poland, stated that “The life skills you learn from a sport are beneficial in daily life and while you may not always be around snow, the multitasking and quick-thinking skills that are developed here are really useful.”

Opting for a snowy holiday isn’t just beneficial for the wallet and the brain but it can also align with environmentally conscious choices. Cold destinations often have a smaller carbon footprint compared to warm-weather locales, as they are less likely to be affected by issues such as over-tourism and environmental degradation. Choosing sustainable accommodations and participating in eco-friendly winter activities can contribute to a more responsible and environmentally friendly holiday experience. With global warming having a heavy impact on the world, the snowy season is becoming more and more limited and thus visiting a snow-filled country for a holiday would not only be more beneficial for the environment, but it can also be a vital new experience. The cold air is refreshing and snowy mountains are picturesque. While sitting by a warm fire may be more your vibe, there is nothing quite like building a snowman or exploring a snow-packed forest.

Cold holidays also open the door to a different kind of festive celebration. Winter festivals, cultural events, and traditional cold-weather activities become the focal points of these destinations during the holiday season. From the magical ambience of snow-covered markets to the warmth of local hospitality, cold destinations offer a unique blend of winter charm and cultural exploration that can be equally—if not more—enriching than their warm counterparts. Saving money and choosing an eco-friendly destination allows for the exploration of other cultures to be more fulfilling and many find that with the lesser mental stress, any holiday is far more enjoyable.

In conclusion, snowy holidays present a compelling case for those seeking a unique and budget-friendly alternative to warm-weather getaways. From the affordability and budget-friendly options to the mental health benefits and unique experiences, choosing a cold destination for your holiday can provide a refreshing and fulfilling experience. As the snow falls and winter landscapes transform into a winter wonderland, consider embracing the charm of snowy holidays for a memorable and enriching seasonal celebration.

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