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Soon in cinemas, a comedy film entitled: “The Lebanese People”!

In light of the deteriorating economic conditions that we live in in Lebanon, we search for things that will distance us from the concerns of this country, such as watching comedy films or going entertainment trips.


A new movie will be shown in cinemas under the title “The Lebanese People”, but the heroes and director of this movie are unknown, and the date of its screening has not been determined, but we will present some details.


This film talks about a state and a people that do not exist on the planet, a people that demand the fight against corruption. It is one of its pillars because those who store medicine, petrol, and other subsidized materials are not the politicians, and also there is only one class, which is people with low incomes, so how is that?  When we ask rich people how they spend their money, most claim poverty and suffering. It is even funny that some of them are waiting to receive subsistence like food and medicines for free. A report on the Al-Mada website indicates that six billionaires hold Lebanese citizenship.


Also, what is funny about this movie is the large number of reports from the World Bank or others, which indicate that this crisis is unprecedented. The reality does not mean that the crowding on the roads and shops, not to mention the full reservations of restaurants and hotels, raises doubts about the Lebanon crisis.


These people descended from all parts of Lebanon when the Minister of Communications at the time, Muhammad Choucair, decided to increase 6 dollars on the WhatsApp application in 2019 and 2023, while inflation reached very high rates, and we do not forget that the dollar reached 140 thousand. Instead, they celebrate when the dollar rises or falls


Also, one of the most famous scenes of this movie is the appearance of queues at the stations, or what is known as queues of humiliation, waiting and holding sessions to chat about the situation as if they were in a cafe, and also the high unemployment rate.


For every event, even if something insignificant, social networking sites are buzzing with it under the pretext of creating content or gaining fans.


  People claim to be the smartest on earth and cannot give solutions to the crisis afflicting the nation, but they live off the money of expatriates.


In the end, this movie will get high viewership, and it will be shown abroad to see how the Lebanese people deal with their crises, make viewers laugh, and be an enjoyable spectacle.

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