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The Amazing Spider-Man Celebrates 60th Anniversary

On June 5, 1962, Stan Lee and Steve Ditko introduce one of the most influential and recognizable characters of all time, The Amazing Spider-Man! Today marks 60 years of the character “thwip-ing” into the hearts of fans everywhere.

Marvel plans on celebrating the occasion by releasing an anniversary issue, “Amazing Fantasy #1000,” that “explores the past and future of Amazing Spider-Man storytelling” according to a statement from Marvel. Marvel will also be publishing “Amazing Spider-Man #900” where the wall-crawler battles the Sinister Adaptoid, a being that possesses powers of various members of Spidey’s rogue’s gallery. 

Spider-Man, whose alter-ego is Peter Parker, was bitten by a radioactive spider, which gave him the ability to climb walls and possess superhuman strength. After the death of his Uncle Ben, he used his powers to fight crime as a costumed vigilante. Throughout his heroic career, he fought numerous foes and teamed up with popular heroes including Ms. Marvel, Fantastic Four, and the X-Men. But equally as important, he has to deal with personal troubles like paying rent, relationship problems, and keeping up with his studies.

The web-slinger made his debut in Amazing Fantasy #15, the last installment of an anthology line that instantly grew into a best seller. Spider-Man is most known for being relatable to the reader, which was a unique take for the time and kicked off a trend in comic book media. Spider-Man is now a cultural icon best known for his adventures portrayed in comics, cartoons, movies, video games, and even amusement park rides.

Most recently, Spider-Man: No Way Home raked in nearly $1.9 billion worldwide at the box office, opening at $260 million, making it the second-highest domestic opener of all time according to Box Office Mojo. Marvel has another trilogy in mind for its cinematic universe, with Sony also producing multiple Spider-Man-related projects. There’s a new Disney+ series in the works titled “Spider-Man Freshman Year” which will recount MCU Spider-Man’s origin. Marvel also has over 20 current comic book runs for Spider-Man this year alone. 


Spider-Man is a global cultural icon going 60 years strong and counting, with millions of fans longing for Spidey content in any way available. Here’s to great power and great responsibility. Happy Birthday, Webhead. Excelsior!

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