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The emerging trends of fashion



Fashion is a form of self-expression. It is dynamic as it changes very fast with time. It is an art as it connects with our emotions. It helps us to express our emotions and feelings. It can make anything boring look interesting  as it comes with different colors, designs, fabrics. It can change the meaning of styling. It is a trend followed by an individual  to make themselves look stylish and trendy. Fashion can change and shape the lives of people. How we represent ourselves to the world is our personal choice. What we choose to wear says a lot about our personalities. It also reveals our values and aspirations.

People can be trendy and follow styles, designs, fabrics, but they should be careful to decide what fits well. Also, it must suit one. That's very important. If something is not suiting you but you are still following it because it is a trend is the worst thing you can do to how you look. One should wear clothes that make one feel comfortable. While buying trendy clothes keep all the aspects in your mind. If someone is trying to adapt to the western style for the first time, choose to dress decently as it will make you look more elegant.


In today's world, with the change in time and technological advancements, various innovations have been made in the fashion industry. It can be seen from the vast differences between how people choose to dress before and now. Everything changes over time and get evolved into something new and stylish. Over time we can see the new replacing the old. The Fashion Industry is drastically changed if we compare today's fashion trends with the old ones.

Fashion used to be very different in the Golden era. Films can be seen as a mirror of society that can clearly show how actors used to dress before and now. Actresses used to wear long and well-covered clothes with heavy works and different patterns. There were full-length soft skirts, richly patterned. They were decorated with ribbons and lace.

However, now actors and actresses have adapted to the international culture as in India we have the liberty to wear what we desire to.  As we can see nowadays girls wear almost all types of clothes, the fashion industry is growing rapidly. Demand for clothes has increased to an extent that now we have a variety of sources from where we can order and buy clothes of all styles.

We have been blessed with different modes of shopping such as offline and online. All we have to do is, just sit behind our smartphones and order all the stuff that we want to buy online like clothes, footwear, or accessories and pay digitally at your doorstep. We can see the rise in demand for many online apps that provides services at your doorstep. These apps are running in almost all parts of the world.

Many of the International brands have also been bought in the Indian markets because of the following trends such as Zara and H and M. Now branded clothes are easily available at lower prices maybe this is the reason both men and women have gone up to the latest trends.


Celebrities have always been seen as a fashion -trendsetters for their fans and the public. We all must have seen girls being inclined towards actresses for how they look as they want to look the same as them. Everyone has a fashion idol whom they look up to. People love to adapt the fashion trends and styles that are being followed by their favorite actors and actresses. The Bollywood industry plays a vital role in bringing new styles and trends to India. It is pretty visible how actors try to bring everything new. They don't just keep on following the old trends. The celebrities influence their audience and generate a desire to try their styles.


After the pandemic, the fashion world has slowed down. People are not investing in expensive branded clothes rather than started buying comfy clothes.

Well, it is very important to be concerned about the future of the planet. Because the world faced a lot after COVID-19. Some brands are focusing on eco-friendly and sustainable clothes.

Awareness about body shape acceptance and body positivity is increasing rapidly. Hence there is a shift in clothing sizes available across the world. Now they have brought plus size to maternity sizes in fashion.

In editorial shoots and ramp walks, you can see plus-size models ruling the fashion world. Curvy women are now new fashion favorites. We can see a lot of positivity in the world. The fashion industry is playing a very impactful role in the upliftment of an individual’s mindset.







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