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The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Swan Song Delivers More Modern Relevance

Amazon Prime Video's original series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel's fifth and final season expressed a last good night to the fictional pink-wearing comedian Miriam ‘‘Midge’’ Maisel.

The first episode recap from when audiences last watched Midge walking in a New York blizzard and staring mesmerizing at a building hints at what’s to come for Midge. Next, the second episode picks up from where we last watched Midge performing another nightly act at the exact location from season four and forwards to a new horizon and new experiences for Midge. The episode flexes a modern point-of-view of which the show is known for bringing relevance, especially for women entering a male-dominating field.

Episode three explores the dilemmas Midge faces from previous seasons’ where Midge steered into new surroundings. The next episode steers toward Midge’s manager Susie followed by the next episode, ‘‘The Pirate Queen,’’ steers toward the beginning between Midge/Joel and Joe’s storyline in this final season. Episode five storyline moves from one character to the next without revealing too much but dropping hints here and there until episode eight. In the first few episodes, audiences will see Midge return to the usual routine since season one, and accepting a new opportunity will steer her toward her future in comedy.

‘‘The Pirate Queen’’ episode is a turning point in the storyline and where the last remaining episodes of the final season navigate towards the aftermath of what happened from the fourth episode, dropping major plotlines between the friendship of Midge/Susie that resumes forward into the next episode. Episodes 1-5 offer sub-plotlines from characters who have been with the audiences since the beginning of season one. In the last minutes of this episode, Susie’s storyline in this final season takes a turning point for her as a talent manager, while Midge faces hurdles for her as a woman in comedy. The last minutes of episodes 1-4 are mic drops steering where the final chapter is heading in the final breathless moments.

‘‘The Testi-Roastial’’ episode resumes more about Susie while unveiling surprising plot points about Midge/Susie/Joel. Episode seven returns to the back-and-forth humor and Midge/other characters’ storyline in the remaining few episodes. Episodes 6-7 steered as a mid-season to wrapping up storylines and introducing characters audiences had seen before but only got a few minutes of screen time when the show began in season one.

  Episode eight steered more toward Joel/Midge’s relationship since first introduced to them back in the pilot of season one. The eighth episode dives into Joel/Midge as a couple before the outcome results in Midge beginning to perform jokes on the microphone and welcome back a season one character. The last minutes of episode 8 reveal more development in the storyline between Midge and the other characters. The last seconds of this episode steer surprising revelations between Midge/Susie and what audiences can look forward to in the final moments of episode nine of the final season.

  The fifth season wraps up a final encore to The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, expected to stream this April 14.






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