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The Red Boots craze: Wild Fashion trend of Early 2023.

The fashion industry will certainly never be stagnant. Every year, hundreds of the most prestigious brands in the world utilize New York’s fashion week to show off the physical representation, of the last year of their creative work. With hopes that something they show off, will become the next big trend that will end up flying off store shelves, and into the shopping bags of everyone looking to keep their wardrobe up to date.


 Each year there's a new trend, this is the nature of the fashion industry and the nature of us as people. What we consider to be cool and trendy changes quickly, and differs largely based on an individual's specific taste. Just like every year, there were going to be many styles showcased at NYFW, and other venues, that would become must-haves for the onlookers, even if the piece of clothing that caught everyone’s eye, was something that an older generation might have found utterly ridiculous. Be it the long leather coats from 2018, the now iconic Pink Raf Simmons sweater that Basketball player Kyle Kuzma wore to a game in 2021 or countless others. This year is no different, a new trend has captured the attention of consumers everywhere and is now taking the social media world by storm. What is this new trend you might ask? Well, it’s specific pair of cartoonish red boots of course!


Seemingly overnight, these unique red boots that look as if they came straight from an episode of Astroboy, have circulated all over social media. Created by the innovative fashion brand MSCHF, a brand that aims to create things outside the box, these boots have become the topic of discussion ever since they were first showcased at the New York fashion week on the feet of Dorian Electra. Big names in the fashion world and pop culture have already done their part to bring the shoe into the public eye. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, a superstar basketball player for the Oklahoma City Thunder, wore the boots to an NBA game, and posted a now-viral photo of his full outfit, with the shoes to his Instagram, where the reception was nothing short of divisive. Singer Diplo was seen courtside at an NBA game wearing the boots, as well as micro Instagram celebs posting the boots every chance they get. Due to the shoe’s impractical appearance, hundreds of Tik Toks have been created to showcase the shoes as difficult to put on, and uncomfortable to walk in. Just like many things that go viral on the internet, its popularity is simply a product of a perfect storm. 


 There seem to be two sides at odds with each other whenever these boots end up on our timeline. On one side, you have people who see the shoe as a gimmick, something that looks purposefully goofy and has no fashion value at all. The way they see it, the only people who would wear boots that outlandish are those who crave negative attention and want to become the next meme. On the other end, you have the people who see these eye-popping boots as something that earnestly enhances their wardrobe. Not only does wearing these boots help them stand out while in public, they also find the boots oddly stylish, just a side effect of their unique taste. 


In my personal opinion, these Boots are simply a product of the time we are living in. 15 years ago these shoes wouldn’t have made it out of the notebook of a bored 13-year-old doodling in math class. However, we live in a world where people either want to turn heads online, or they want something to make fun of to gain interactions on their meme page. I’m not sure if all publicity is good publicity, but in this specific case, MSCHF understands that one thing that a boot this unconventional is good for is going to be generating interactions. I would never wear these shoes as I am now, but if I was rich and wanted to make a statement, there might be a chance you see me in these courtside. Not because I think the shoe is stylish, or because of their comfortability, but simply because my next Instagram post is gonna have a lot more likes.  


No matter which side you fall under when it comes to these boots, and other fashion trends of the past. You can’t deny that MSCHF succeeded at what it aimed to accomplish when it came up with the idea for these boots. MSHCF is a brand that set’s out to be experimental and to make headlines. This is the same brand that had a collaboration with Lil Nas X which spawned the infamous Satanic Shoes that featured real blood in the soles of the shoe. In the press release for the Boots MSCHF claimed “Cartoonishness is an abstraction that frees us from the constraints of reality”. Simply put, the brand has completely embraced the wackiness of the shoe, and even if they aren’t going to be popular for much longer, MSCHF has planted itself firmly into the spotlight with another creation.


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