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Top 5 Women's Centric OTT Web- Series you shouldn't miss

Lockdown was a gift to OTT platforms to come into the limelight. While most of us missed going out for Sunday movie time we all had to switch to Sunday Netflix bingeing with a pack of chips around friends or family. While OTT platforms gained a lot of attraction there were a lot of Friday OTT releases this year. The best part about OTT releases is that the commercial aspect no longer would judge the quality of the film. Usually, the box office verdict is used to determine the quality or first impression of the script because OTT people started believing in content and creativity rather than BOX office numbers.

Well, a lot of Series like Money Heist, Sacred Games Season 2 might have gained popularity and attention but the OTT platform brought wonders by giving us some amazing Women Centric Series. While giving an interview to Film Companion, top actresses gladly said that OTT platforms have made uniformity, reduced gender stereotypes, and added to women-centric films. People are now okay to watch women as the hero of the big screen. There are various amazing and admirable series that blew our minds off.

1. AARYA( Streaming in Disney Hotstar)

Aarya is a crime thriller series starring Sushmita Sen as the lead protagonist. It is a nail-biting, jet thriller, suspense story. The narrative and direction along with the wonderful ensemble are a real treat to the audience. The story revolves around Sen protecting her kids from a dangerous drug cartel. The amazing transformation of a naïve mother to a strong woman who bravely protects her children from killers is simply astounding. The series contains several crucial components, such as how children are allowed desired freedom while also being grounded and disciplined. Family values, etiquettes are showcased meticulously. The story highlights how situations change the inner core of a person and bring out the hidden strength in each individual. Like Sen is the mother of three children, she was utterly oblivious about the drug cartel headed by her father’s side. Post the death of her husband she is raised to an unstoppable brave mother who deals with violent drug dealers and faces everything that comes her way because when a child’s life is in danger you can’t imagine the limits that a mother will go.


2. Delhi Crime(Streaming in Netflix)

Delhi Crime is a web series inspired by the 16th December Nirbhaya Gang Rape Case. The violent and brutal incident left the city in horror and shock. The plot revolves around the women commissioner who solves the crime and arrests the criminal without taking a break for the consequent 4 days. She forces every team member to ensure that all the culprits are apprehended. The series highlights the life of policewomen and the fraternity of armed forces’ dedication to work. The woman commissioner couldn’t believe that such a heinous crime could ever be committed. The story highlights the lives of the victim's parents, women in force and it’s a series that will make you hooked to the screen. You might find it hard to get sleep without completing the series. The narrative and script are both bold and awe-inspiring. Every tale has a message to society; every script has an impact on the audience's thoughts. Well, this series tries to aim to demonstrate how vulnerable women's lives are in Delhi. From candle marches to periodic calls for justice, this film brings everyone in society together to speak out against violence against women.


3. Family Man Season 2 ( Streaming in Amazon Prime)

The Family man is an investigative crime thriller. The season has Srikant Tiwari (Manoj Bajpayee) who leads the TASK force. However, in the second season, the character Raji ferociously played by Miss Samantharuth Prabhu gained a lot of appreciation from the audience. Her role defined a new space for her in the film world. From being a bubbly, simple sweet girl she rose to a brave, violent, unstoppable villain in the series. The beautiful part of the series is that even after her being the villain and playing a negative grey shady character we all could empathise with her. The battle of the character against a society that subjected her folks to sexual violence has deeply sympathized. The character is shown as a brave warrior and the physical training that she undertook religiously won her best female actor (female) in Filmfare OTT Awards 2021. The actress was going through turmoil in her personal life yet the performance and dedication which she brings through her beautiful craft are commendable. Every woman must have a small part of “Raji” in her blood.


4. The Bold Type( Streaming in Netflix)

The Bold Type is a must-see and complete package deal for young women in their twenties. From serious career changes to the ups and downs of early adolescence, relationship blues, sexual freedom, and breast cancer, this series covers everything a woman needs to know. The early twenties are a time for experimentation, trying new things, leaving toxic jobs, and so on. The fear of not being able to afford rent, safety concerns, and every other aspect and worry that women in their twenties face are all highlighted here. Spread in 4 seasons the narrative hasn’t left any loophole. We see three friends turning into sisters, taking bold life-altering decisions, challenges, and rising. Be it their struggle to find perfect careers, perfect life partners battling societal taboos and politics at work they step up for each other in all walks of life. Celebrating womanhood, battling gender stereotypes, sexual freedom, voice to come out without filters this series has grabbed every woman’s heart. Each character is significant in its way but after watching this show all I could wish for is a Boss like Jacqueline Carlyle who supports her subordinates to follow their passion and imparts pearls of wisdom in professional as well as personal life. She is truly a role model and we admire the way she brings the best in every team member. She truly embodies True Leadership, sincerity, boldness, and the ability to make strategic decisions. She is unquestionably the type of Boss you must have!


5. Bombay Begums( Streaming in Netflix)

Bombay Begums is a web series that centres on five ambitious women from different walks of life and how they navigate their paths in search of respect, success, and pride. The beauty of Bombay Begums lies in its narrative which is rich in diversity. Women from opposed fields are brought together. What binds them together is their struggle. We find a single mother who works as a sex worker raising funds for her child's education. We have a youngster who’s battling sexual harassment at the workplace and it reminds us of the “me too” moment when a lot of high profile women who suffered sexual harassment at their place of work raised their voices together and shared their traumatic experiences with the hashtag’ me too It was one of history's most memorable revolutions. These voices were stifled by men in power's fear, shame, and toxic behaviour. Bombay Begum embodies the true spirit of all women. The series encourages every woman to speak up and fight workplace abuse. It reminds women that they should be the change that the rest of the world wishes to see. Even if the crime was committed by the company's CEO, we must have the courage to file a lawsuit and initiate proceedings against the criminal.


OTT platforms are changing the dimensions of motion pictures. Our audiences now are attracted by content and script. They are looking towards exemplary performances and seek motivation and inspiration from cinema. OTT has surely redefined the Cinema Industry. 

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