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Top Gun Maverick: A Summer Must See (SPOILERS)

Top Gun: Maverick, has swept the nation with its amazing overall production. From the cinematography to the story to the spot-on casting, fans are raving about the film. With an audience approval score of 99% from Rotten Tomatoes, Top Gun: Maverick is nothing short of spectacular. Just weeks after its release, news outlets throughout the nation have been promoting and insisting that everyone set aside some time to see the film on the big screen. Here’s why:


Record-Breaking, Ground Shaking

According to an article published in Screenrant, Top Gun: Maverick has already broken many records with its release just shy of 4 weeks ago. The film has done significantly better than the first movie, with an approval rating of more than 40% than the first. Within as little as three weekends' worth of shows, the worldwide box office has already accumulated $747 million, ranking higher than most films released this year. 


Tom Cruise personally celebrates the success of the film, making Top Gun: Maverick his biggest opening weekend ever. Cruise, the star of the hit film, Mission Impossible, a series with an incredibly high-grossing domestic box office, has gained more from Top Gun: Maverick than any of the Mission Impossibles. 


“Tom Cruise Boot Camp”

An article from, Screenrant, reveals that during the filming process, the cast has to go through what they refer to as the “Tom Cruise boot camp.” During the boot camp, cast members sit in real fighter jets to prepare for their roles. They then got to spend hours in the air, and experience the feelings and emotions a true pilot would feel. A good chunk of the footage shown in the film is of cast members in flight with real navy pilots. 


Miles Teller, confirms this in an interview on the Late Night Show with Seth Meyers. In the interview, Teller shares the story of how he ended up with jet fuel in his blood. After flying, Teller reports being covered in hives and feeling overall unwell. The local doctor on set took blood work on the star. The blood work found multiple chemicals in Teller's bloodstream, including actual jet fuel. 


Teller recalls bragging to Tom Cruise himself. Cruise is known for being dedicated to his work by getting in character. Teller bragged to him about having jet fuel literally in his blood. The two were able to joke and bond over the incident. They then continued with the “boot camp”.




Top Gun: Maverick Best Moments

Top Gun: Maverick can be watched on its own but, the films meaning will be better conveyed with the knowledge of the original story. Throughout the film, parallels to the original are shown, causing the viewer to smile, laugh, and even cry. 


Rooster, played by Miles Teller, makes his first appearance in the film at the bar where Maverick, Tom Cruise, and Goose, Anthony Edwards, used to frequent. While in the bar, Teller's character sings the song Great Balls of Fire, an homage to the first film. Goose can be seen singing the same song in the original film with his son, whom the viewer infers has now grown up to be Rooster, sitting on top of the piano. One of Goose’s most memorable moments in the film is when he crows at the end of the song. Rooster is shown making that same sound as the song comes to an end, causing both Maverick and the audience to be moved. 


During the fight scenes, similarities are abundant to the first movie, one of them being the return to Mavericks' victory lap. In the first film, Maverick zooms around the tower after his practice flight, causing his boss to spill the hot coffee in his hand. While there was no coffee spilled in the new movie, Maverick repeats his fast flight around the tower. This time, Admiral Beau "Cyclone" Simpson, played by Jon Hamm, is shown visibly annoyed. 


Both Maverick and Rooster struggle to cope with Goose’s death. In the original film, Maverick reluctantly flies after Goose’s tragic death. During his moment of weakness, he calls to Goose for strength, reciting the infamous line, “Talk to me Goose.” This same line appears yet again in the newest film, this time repeated by Rooster. In his moment of weakness, Rooster calls out to his dad who gives him the strength to continue. 


Val Kilmer

Fans of the original Top Gun will be ecstatic to see not only the return of Pete “Maverick” Mitchell but also Tom 'Iceman' Kazatsky, played by Val Kilmer. Iceman, the former antagonist of Top Gun, makes an appearance in the newest movie, this time, as one of Maverick's best friends. Val Kilmer's character, who was once disapproving and extremely competitive towards Cruise’s character, now advocates and helps him along his journey as he becomes a teacher at Top Gun. 


Kilmer, who previously suffered from throat cancer, is still burdened with the many issues that one endures post-treatment. Due to cancer as well as the radiation, surgery, and chemotherapy, Kilmer has permanent damage to his vocal cords. He can be seen wearing scarves in many of his photos to cover up the voice box he wears which he relies on for communication. 


Kilmer still manages to make an appearance in the film despite all his health issues. According to MSN, a company called Sonantic was able to dub his voice through the magic of artificial intelligence. His appearance may have been brief but it certainly was impactful, especially for true Top Gun fans.


Val Kilmer, evidently happy to be a part of the new film shared a touching post via Instagram, with an image of himself and Tom Cruise. The comment reads, “6 years later… I’m still your wingman <3”


What's next?

Vanity Fair, reports that the director of the film, Joseph Kosinski, hasn't taken a breath. While absorbing the success of Top Gun: Maverick Kosinski counties to announce more material. To make matters even better, his newest film, Spiderhead, stars Chris Hemsworth as well as Miles Teller. The science-fiction thriller film is available to stream on Netflix now.  


Top Gun: Maverick has outdone itself in more ways than one. With fans of the original swooning over the remake as well as recruiting an entirely new generation into the cinematic universe. Top Gun: Maverick, is a must-see.

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