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Why Do We Need More TV Shows Like Netflix's 'Sex Education'?

Sex Education created by Laurie Nunn, is a ground-breaking, hilarious and outrageously raunchy comedy series set in an, off the wall, British high school. It has been a cash cow for Netflix since it premiered January 11, 2019. Why? The answer is in the title. Sex sells. Make no mistake about it, this series is nothing like the sex education we had at school.

Along with possessing an alluring title, Sex Education has an excellent cast and a juicy plot line. Otis, an awkward teenage boy, navigates high school a little differently to others as he has a sex therapist for a mother. He inherits a gift for comforting and advising others about their sexual problems. When he meets his match, Maeve, the two decide to make this talent into a sex clinic business. Their entrepreneurial ways allow us, the viewers, to see the sexual awakenings and progress of Otis’s clients through their sexual antics. Why is this series so successful? It deals with some explicit sexual subjects which many viewers will have experienced or relate to but may have been too embarrassed to discuss with anyone. The show provides a level of knowledge and comfort to viewers by letting them know that their sexual preferences or mishaps may be more common than they think. The show also provides advice, via Otis’s counselling, regarding sexual problems that may also be of interest to viewers.

Through making scenes and situations unfiltered and shocking, there is no room left for the imagination on this show. Sex Education has succeeded in normalising those embarrassing moments most of us have in the bedroom while initiating us into situations we never even imagined were possible. It takes a hitherto tender subject and exposes it in all of its glory in the most hilarious way.

Sex Education is sadly at an end with all episodes of its fourth and final season being released on September 21, 2023. This has disappointed viewers as the show was so successful it was assumed it would have a long running arrangement with Netflix. Viewers are disappointed because there will be no other show on the horizon which is as current, shocking and genuinely helpful. From tackling homosexual relations to Sexually Transmitted Diseases, the show has covered almost all of the sexual bases. The BBC recently reported that gonorrhoea numbers were at their highest since annual records began in 1918. This recent statistic provides evidence of the type of sexual mishaps which can occur. Sex Education takes a topic, such as gonorrhoea, head on and introduces us to a character who is struggling with this disease. The plot has Otis work with this character regarding the issue and by the end of the episode, this once stressful problem, becomes minuscule and easily solved. This is reassuring to someone suffering with this disease who is watching the show.

An added benefit to watching the show is its power to captivate all age groups. Although predominantly set in a school, all age groups are covered with this series. There is chat about numerous topics from Viagra to geriatric pregnancy. No area is left uncovered. There is no doubt that many viewers will believe that there has never been a show as entertainingly educational as Sex Education. With the show now at an end, it will inevitably turn into an enjoyable series we once avidly watched. Ultimately it will fade into the background of our minds only to be reminisced over when someone or something reminds us of it. Netflix now needs a new series that allows people of all ages to have a safe place to explore, understand and possibly resolve their sexual issues.

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