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Youtuber Who Reacted to "Steamboat Willie" Gets Illegal Copyright Claim

A popular youtuber by the username Mental Outlaw was given an illegal copyright claim by youtube, demonetizing his video.


On January 6th, 2024, Mental Outlaw uploaded a video now titled “The Libre Podcast EP 6 - GNU/Femboys, So Many Eggs, AlphV FBI Take Down, Crazy Videos”, in which he watched and reacted to a couple of minutes of “Steamboat Willie”; which is what led to the copyright claim. 


Commenting on the situation, Mental Outlaw made a post in his community tab.


He stated, “You thought a dub of "Steamboat Willie" (which is now public domain btw) getting domonitized was bad, get a load of this. Mike and I reacted to 4 minutes of " Steamboat Willie (Brock's Dub) " created by @brockbaker and got a copyright claim on our 4 hour

podcast. Fair Use + Public Domain = Copyright claim.You'd think YouTube would at least remove automated claims for this video by now.”


On January 1st, 2024, the copyright on “Steamboat Willie” expired, becoming public domain.


This means the “Steamboat Willie” Version of Mickey Mouse has been made available to be used by the public for the first time in almost an entire century.


Disney does not own “Steamboat Willie” anymore; therefore the copyright claim on Mental Outlaw’s video was done illegally.


Copyright laws require Copyrights to expire after ninety five years. After the Copyright expires, individuals within the public are free to use the Copyrighted product in any way shape or form, without any form of consequence. Copyrights are not allowed to be redone after it expires, nor can a new person purchase the Copyright after it expires. 


Nightmare forge games is a company who is taking full advantage of the situation by creating a game heavily inspired by “Steamboat Willie”. Infestation: 88, previously announced as Infestation: Origins, features a grotesque version of “Steamboat Willie” in what appears to be a horror survival game.


You can find the link to the trailer here. 

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