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Access to Clean Water and Poverty in India: Current Crisis and Innovative Solutions

India is facing a severe water crisis, with over 600 million people facing an acute water deficit. This is further compounded by the lack of access to clean water, which is vital for maintaining good health.


One of the main causes of the water crisis in India is the lack of sanitation installations. As the population grows, there's increased pressure on the resources, and the lack of proper sanitation exacerbates the problem of increasing the liability of water impurities, leading to water-borne conditions and health issues.


The government's role in ensuring access to clean water is vital. The government has enforced programmes to enhance water resource operations and sanitation structures. The “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan" action aims to ameliorate sanitation across the country to sustainably manage water resources.


In India, poverty and access to clean water are closely linked. Impoverished communities face several difficulties when it comes to being provided with clean water, as they're frequently the most affected by water scarcity. These communities lack the resources to install water filtration systems, which could ensure access to clean water.


The privatisation of water resources has also had a significant impact on access to clean water in India. Private companies have responded to the water request and are providing water to those who can afford it, while those who cannot afford it are left without access to clean water.


Water-borne conditions disproportionately impact impoverished communities, leading to a vicious cycle of poverty. Studies suggest that water-borne conditions similar to cholera, typhoid, and diarrhoea are rampant in slums and pastoral areas where access to clean water is limited. Poor sanitation, a lack of hygiene, and a lack of safe water increase the threat of similar conditions.


Community-led organisational initiatives have had a significant impact on providing access to clean water in poverty-stricken areas. Similar initiatives include digging wells, rainwater harvesting, and water filtration systems. These movements help enhance water vapority and access to clean water.


Innovative solutions are imperative for providing clean water in poverty-stricken areas. Organisational movements similar to the “Jal Jeevan Mission” aim to connect every house with water in India by 2024. This could ameliorate access to clean water and help address the water crisis in India.


Transnational aid also plays a pivotal role in perfecting access to clean water in India. Several transnational associations have stepped up to support the government's charge of providing access to clean water.


Numerous case studies of success in providing clean water to impoverished communities in India. The“ Drop for Life ”action in Karnataka aims to provide access to clean water to 2,000 homes in the region. Also, the “Sujalam Sufalam" action in Gujarat aims to increase water availability and enhance access to clean water in pastoral areas.


In conclusion, access to clean water and poverty in India are severe issues that need critical attention. While the government has enforced programmes and initiatives to address the issue, community involvement, and innovative results are essential in providing access to clean water in poverty-stricken areas. 

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