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Albatross in danger: Is there anyone on the earth who is not facing the consequences of climate change?

Our Earth is made such as that everyone on it whether it is human or any living organism is interconnected. Whenever something happens on the earth it will affect the entire life on it. Climate change is a serious problem that is causing major changes on the earth. It is something that is not sparing anyone. Climate Change is changing the basic structure of the earth. Each and every life form on the earth is facing the consequences of climate change except the human being. Yes, it is a human being who is not facing the consequences of climate change.

Why and how? These are two questions that strike your mind when you read this. But this is a bitter truth. Earth has shown that there is grave danger due to climate change to life forms but it is the only human being who has nothing to do with it. Every time Earth has given a warning to the human and alert him about the consequences of climate change. But the typical selfish attitude of the man has not any worry about it. They just want a lifestyle that suits them but doesn't care about life forms on the earth.  He is exploiting the earth but the consequences have been faced by the other life forms like Albatross. Due to climate change, many life forms have extinct and some are to be extinct. But the species, Albatross is facing grave problems due to climate change. So, let's analyze that who are Albatrosses and why and how they are facing the threat.

Who are Albatrosses?

Albatrosses belong to the family of Diomedeidae. The Diomedeidae is a family in which a dozen large seabirds’ species collectively make up the family. They are also known by the common names mollymawk and gooney. It is due to their tameness on land. Albatrosses are the birds that have the most delightful gliders of all birds. Further, the species are fond of windy weather as they stay afloat in the weather. The birds have extremely long, narrow wings. In the windy weather, they can flap their wings for hours very easily. On the other hand, in the calm air, they are not able to keep their stout body airborne. So, in the calm air, they prefer to rest on the surface of the water. Further, Albatrosses drink seawater as their diet like other oceanic birds. Although they normally live on squid. Further, they can be found in the southern hemisphere and are large seabirds. 

Further, the birds come ashore only to breed. They breed by forming colonies that are usually present on the remote oceanic islands. Albatrosses exhibit their mating behaviour in the groups and Paris. In mating behavior, birds perform various activities. These include the stretching of the wings and bill-fencing displays. In the bill-fencing displays, Albatrosses produces loud groaning sounds. This is about the mating behaviours of the birds. In the diet, they also eat fish in the seawater.

About the threat posing to the Albatross

Albatrosses’ species face a grave threat as per the studies conducted. The recent study conducted and published in Proceedings of the Royal Society GB has given the information which is showing the threat to Albatrosses. A study said that the Albatrosses are facing a breakdown in their relationships. The population of the birds is facing longevity of relationships. Further, the study suggested that the black-browed Albatrosses in the South Atlantic, have the issue in the relationship patterns. Notably, the species have a long-term monogamous relationship. The study further shows that due to the breaking down of the relationships patterns Albatrosses are under grave threat.  They say the species is facing divorce in long-lived monogamous seas populations in an adaptive strategy. 

The reason behind the threat

The ultimate reason behind the threat to the Albatrosses is climate change. Studies have shown that they are under threat due to industrial fishing and plastic waste. The seas warm-up due to the environmental changes, which lowers the Quantity of the fishes in the seas. Due to which the Albatrosses have to fly greater distances in search of food. Further, the greater distances have lowered the chance of the returning of the birds to their home places on time. It makes their mating season pass out, which further causes the separations between their relationships. As mentioned above that the birds are facing divorce, it is due to breeding failure. 

The study in 2018 shows that the population growth rate of the Albatross will decline at 5.3% per year. Normally, they can live up to 60 years. Due to this, fewer chicks are reaching maturity. So, it is due to climate change and more importantly the human waste which makes the Albatross species live a long life. Moreover, it is posing a grave threat to the life of their entire species. 


Albatross is considered a symbol of good luck by the sailors. But it seems, that their luck is not going well. Due to the ambition of the extraordinary and lavish life, human beings are posing threat to the normal lives of other living beings. They are making their survival or even their origin difficult. So, still, there is time to rethink and change the attitude towards the environment. Otherwise, if the other forms of life will extinct, then there will also be the end of human beings. 

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