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Political Article

Frederick Opoku Kumi

March 30, 2023



Policing in America is really a big issue because a lot of black people have lost their lives to the American police department throughout the whole america. In 2020 the police killed 226 black people alone, traumatizing the black community into rebelling and matching against them. Most of the victims of police brutality were unarmed but were still intentionally killed by the police. The lives of black Americans have been in danger ever since the police started targeting them for their racial  presence,culture and tradition. The police stereotypes black people a lot which in return targets black people and make them the victim of police brutality and white supremacist hate groups. Bobby Walker, a chief police officer, stated on social media that other white police officers are afraid of their culture because of how different it is. He states that they program other communities with the negative stereotypes of black people so that they don’t like black people. A democratic U.S representative Jamie Raskin, a Maryland democrat also stated that white supremacist organizations have been aiming to infiltrate the law enforcement organization so that they can target the safety and wellbeing of the black community. A lot of police officers that are white have also admitted to working with these organizations so that they can destroy the black community. Some  of these officers also stated that foreign violent organizations also infiltrate governmental organizations to target communities as well. There is a lack of care about these issues because there is a lack of diversity in the police governmental bureau’s organization. Most of the police officers that kill these black victims never face any consequences and are left to go. The American police department was built on slavery and the oppression of black people which is the reason why the system of the police department targets black people. They use similar tartics on the black community just like they did to the slaves during the time of slavery.

Their goal and aim isn’t to protect black people but to control black people. The killing of black people isn’t only in the law enforcement department  but it also in other industries as well. The top positions at these institutions are also held by caucasian people which makes it very hard for the protocols and the systems of police brutality to be stopped. These leaders at the top of the hierarchy ignore the needs of the black community since they are not part of their community and focus on their community in general. Most of these police are never held accountable because it is hard for the law system to gather information on police brutality. Since the police started these kinds of behaviors, they have been losing funding from people and the government but I don’t think that defunding the police would fix the issue of police brutality because the police are needed in order to protect our community and keep our community safe.

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