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Germany Surpasses Milestone: Over 50% of 2023 Electricity Sourced from Renewables

Germany has reached a historic milestone by generating more than half of its electricity from renewable sources in 2023. Preliminary calculations by the Centre for Solar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-Württemberg (ZSW) and utility association BDEW indicate that renewable energies covered nearly 52% of the nation's gross electricity consumption this year.

       Percentage Surge: The renewables share witnessed a significant 5% increase from the previous year, marking a notable rise from 46% in 2022.

       Driving Factors: A decrease in overall electricity consumption and a remarkable 6% surge in absolute renewable production to 267 TWh contributed to this noteworthy achievement. 

Germany's Ambitious Renewable Targets:

Germany aspires to achieve an 80% share of renewable electricity by 2030 and establish a predominantly decarbonised power supply by 2035.

       BDEW head Kerstin Andreae expresses optimism about the progress, highlighting the shift from initial scepticism about renewables to surpassing conventional sources. 

       The country's environment agency UBA has, while acknowledging challenges, emphasised the necessity of doubling renewable electricity generation to 600 TWh by 2030 to meet increasing electrification demands. 

Seasonal Peaks and Valleys:

Seasonal variations were crucial in shaping Germany's renewable energy landscape throughout 2023. Specific months saw a significant surge in renewable electricity, with notable peaks and valleys.

       The highest share of renewable electricity, at 59%, was recorded in July.

       May (57%) and October/November (55% each) showcased robust renewable energy contributions.

       June witnessed a new all-time record in photovoltaic electricity generation at 9.8 TWh, while onshore wind energy achieved a new annual record of 113.5 TWh.

Solar and Wind Become Powerhouses of Renewables:

Solar and wind energy emerged as the primary contributors, accounting for approximately 75% of Germany's renewable electricity. The remainder was covered by biomass, hydropower, and a small share of geothermal plants.

Solar and wind energy stand out, underscoring their pivotal roles in Germany's renewable energy landscape. 

Navigating Bureaucratic Hurdles:

Celebrating this triumph, BDEW's Kerstin Andreae has called for removing bureaucratic obstacles hindering the renewable energy rollout. However, she has stressed that this transition needs to be smooth.

The emphasis remains on Germany's unwavering commitment to achieving 100% reliance on renewables. 

Germany's Role in Climate Action

The continued success in renewable energy reinforces Germany's position as a leader in the global fight against climate change. It sets an example for others to follow in the crucial journey towards a greener and more sustainable future as a beacon of inspiration for nations worldwide.

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