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Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam’s step towards the environment

In urban areas, soil erosion is one of the concerns leading to fewer trees and plants. The use of chemical fertilizers, irresponsible disposal of plastic waste, and deplantation are the major reasons causing soil erosion. For resolving this issue, some necessary steps need to be taken such as tree plantations, composting, awareness workshops, placing dustbins. These steps are carried out by the local government authorities and community organizations. 


Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam is taking a small step towards the environment. Kabir Park, a park in Kavi Nagar, the officials of Nagar Nigam produce organic compost out of the dead leaves of the plants and trees in the park.


The officials dug out a big compost pit in an infertile area. A bamboo wall is made around the pit to warn the people roaming in the park. Also, to avoid the dead leaves from being carried away by the wind. Then the leaves and other organic waste are dumped into the pit. A layer of mud is poured every 15 days, which is required to build healthy compost. The pit is not covered from the top so that rainwater can flow into it. The exercise of dumping leaves goes on until the pit is full. After this, it rests for some days to finally convert into fully organic compost.


Through this initiative, the Nagar Nigam has made an effort to resolve the issue of waste management. These dead leaves would, otherwise, contribute to waste which is now utilized efficiently to grow more trees and plants in the park itself. This compost also eliminates the use of fertilizer in the soil. The chemical fertilizers are used for greater productivity but result in making the soil barren if used extensively. This reduces the expenses made on the maintenance of the park. The trees grown in the park using this organic compost are green and healthy.


“This is a great initiative by the Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam and should be opted by more organizations. It also motivates me to produce my compost at home from vegetable waste. I hope it inspires others too.”

- a resident who visits the park daily. 


This initiative should be promoted to inspire other local governments to take such steps. The Nigam could hold awareness campaigns with the co-operation of NGOs and other community clubs to encourage tree plantation and waste management.

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