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Homelessness Rate In The United States

Commentary Article

Homelessness Rate In The United States

Frederick Opoku Kumi
August 19, 2023

Recently, many illegal immigrants have been flooding into the United States, increasing the rate of homelessness and poverty across the states. Many are uncertain of how involved the government should be in this issue. From a critical viewpoint, the government and the victims involved in the issue of homelessness should be working together, to eradicate the issue. Homelessness has been a concerning topic for decades, ruining the environment and well-being of the USA. Homelessness has increased since it started in the United States, with no solution being found.

Living in New York, one of the most homeless states in the USA, the issue of homeless is apparent encountering homeless people is common. Their living conditions are devastating since weather conditions affect them. Their lack of space has rendered many public spaces unsanitary. Both of these issues result in many facing medical issues. With a lot of them sleeping on the sidewalks we are left with no option but to increase real estate space so that they can have better living conditions.

According to the story published on News link, The U.S. Census Bureau, News Link 3 in the United States, the vacancy rate is 10.4% in 2023, with states like New York City having one of the most oversized emptiest apartments in the United States with a vacancy rate of 4.54% in New York. There are four boroughs in New York: Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn, and the Bronx. One of the solutions that the government can do regarding the vacancy rate in New York and other parts of the United States is to renovate these empty places and give them to homeless people as a place to live. The government can also build more governmental houses and give them away to people experiencing poverty and people experiencing homelessness to help reduce the homeless rate and improve living conditions.

Manhattan has a vacancy rate of 10.1%, Queens has a vacancy rate of 4.15%, Staten Island has a vacancy rate of 4.15%, Brooklyn has a vacancy rate of 2.73%, and the Bronx has a vacancy rate of 0.78%. Another solution that can be provided is governmental stimulus and benefits to the homeless. Giving monthly relief checks to homeless people who are impoverished and lack money. The government can also provide them jobs such as medical care and job scouts. These governmental programs and benefits could help people experiencing homelessness get back on their feet. About 600,000 beyond current numbers lose their jobs, doubling the last nationwide count of roughly 568,000 in January 2019. The number of people that lost their job is expected to double since the economy is falling and people are expected to lose their job. A lot of people that are homeless are people who have lost their job or lost opportunities that used to pay their bills and maintain their lifestyles. Therefore, these stimulus relief checks can aid them when they need help and when an opportunity is lost.

Government can also make laws with landlords, real estate agents and real estate corporations to have an increased time spam on renters so that tenants can look for another space before they get evicted. Lower real estate prices and influence the real estate business so that people can afford real estate more efficiently. If the prices of land and building materials decrease, it will also help real estate agents and real estate corporations make more houses and be able to sell more of those houses to the people that need them.

Youth programs are another solution that the government can provide to homeless youth to ensure that the homeless rate within decreases. The government can provide counseling, education, scholarship, and internship programs to these youth to ensure their mental state of mind and well-being is good. The youth can also get back to their educational life and be able to go to college once these educational programs are offered to them. Homeless people can also take advantage of the opportunities and put them to good use.

All of these measures together could lower the rate of homelessness across the USA and help people suffering with economical hardship. Homelessness is a nationwide issue that needs fixing.

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