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How the first lockdown gave us hope for our environment

The first UK spring lockdown that began on the 23rd of March 2020 was a shock to everyone in the world. Many other countries around the world followed imposing lockdown with their restrictions.  Covid-19 cases were at an all-time high and kept rising to more infected individuals each day. It was a time of change worldwide. The last time the world experienced a pandemic was over 100 years ago with the Spanish flu in 1918 killing millions. 


This pandemic meant limiting the public to go out to do certain activities and closure of school, work, factories, and social events such as concerts and music festivals. Everything that was once in person was now all online. The world as we knew it turned silent and felt like we were never going to return to our normal lives. 


Some learning later moved to blended learning. It was still limiting us of human connection that we once received daily. Friends and family that you would see often would now be able to speak with over a phone call. We had to cope by being by ourselves at home and adapting to the new regulations set by the Scottish government. This also gave us a lot of free and alone time to think or to do our hobbies such as tie-dying our clothes which was a big trend in the first lockdown. We tried to find anything to cure our boredom.


However, this was also a chance for our environment. Suddenly there was no one on the streets no one was going to work or school, taking public transport, which meant no pollution thus less harm to our environment. The first lockdown saw a detrimental change in our environment that was now cleaner and less polluted than it’s ever been. What was for us an uneventful and boring time for the environment was completely the opposite. 


Some restrictions were dropped over the summer, but another lockdown awaited us on the 5th of November 2020, which was once again benefitting the environment. Rivers and lakes were clear, factories, where harmful gases are frequently released in the air, were closed no littering from the public as everyone had to stay at home to obey the government restrictions. 


The way the pandemic impacted the environment gave everyone hope for the future of our planet. It gave everyone perspective on this and spread knowledge on what we could do to make our world a better place. If we all collaboratively try to help minimize consequences everything may just fall into place.


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