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How to be more sustainable in your daily life?

Sustainability has been the topic of discussion a lot recently. The COP-26 event in Glasgow that took place on the 31st of October till the 12th of November has sparked the discussion of being sustainable even further. The specific actions that need to be taken to prevent future consequences of mass consumerism and ensure a healthier planet.


The first step to be more sustainable generally is changing your shopping habits. Opting for more climate-conscious brands that shy away from greenwashing and chose more ethical materials. Charity shops are also a good option to choose to be more sustainable. Instead of buying new clothing from a fast-fashion brand or online brand, repairing and re-using is for the win and the better of the planet.


The second step is to recycle. Use recycling bins appropriately to make sure you are doing the most that you can. Also, use paper or metal straws, and completely dispose of the use of plastic as much as one can. Use reusable coffee mugs or bottles. Use old shopping bags when going grocery shopping so you do not have to buy plastic shopping bags at the shop. These small things will go a long way in the end.


The third step is saving energy. Showering for less amount of time and using cold water to shower. Unplugging your laptop, tablet, or phone charger as soon as it’s charged. Instead of using lights in your bedroom use a candle as a source of light or natural light when the sun comes in. When using the washing machine use the cold water in comparison to hot and wash full loads to save energy. Air-dry your clothing and do not use the tumble dryer to dry your clothing as it uses extra energy that can be saved if one hangs their laundry outside. Stop using the heating and wear a hoodie when it is cold.

Use the stove and oven only when it’s necessary. The steps to saving energy can save so much money if avoided monthly.


The last step is to avoid driving and do so only when necessary. Cycle or walk as a substitute for driving. This is a better way of transportation as it will leave the environment less polluted as a result.


All these steps are necessary to take to a better future. Whilst they are difficult to keep up with at times as there are many steps to take, however, every little thing moves us into a healthier environment. If one person starts acting and is more responsible and conscious of their steps many more will follow in their footsteps. One more important thing to note is that keeping yourself and others educated is the most prominent step out of them all. Learning from your mistakes is key, it teaches you what to do and what not to do in future situations.


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