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Illegal Brazilian Deforestation Soars

Since 2019, Satellites have revealed several images of mass clearings of the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. These images show an increase in the amount of open area in the rainforest, with 28% fewer trees on the soil. (


 The Brazilian government promised to keep deforestation under control, but it has continued to be an ongoing problem. The month of January 2022 lays the record for the highest amount of deforestation ever recorded in Brazil. Approximately 430 square kilometers of the Amazon Rainforest have been destroyed. (

For scale purposes, that is 20 times the size of the City of Westminster in London.


 In 2019, president Jair Bolsonaro was elected for the esteem position. He has curtailed some of Brazil’s levels of protection for the environment. Therefore, the speculators committing illegal deforestation practices are not afraid of punishment and are clearing out more of the Amazon Rainforest than ever before. Due to the increased prices of meat and soy, the desire for cheap land is also vital.


 Dozens of governments and investors urge Brazil to protect the Amazon Rainforest by implementing economic sanctions if they don’t make the required changes. It is crucial to stop illegal deforestation to help reduce climate change impact as a vast amount of greenhouse gases are absorbed by the trees. (


 Despite Bolsonaro not putting action at the place to protect the Amazon rainforest, in May 2020, he assigned the Amazon Council to do so. He did this by deploying armed forces to help prohibit those from committing crimes. (


 The current rainy conditions indicate that deforestation tends to be more unusual at this time of the year as the rainforest is near inaccessible due to the possibility that the amount of forest destruction is hidden because of the increase in cloud cover over the satellites. 


 In six years, Brazil pledged that all illegal deforestation would come to a halt and that in eight years, all destruction of forests would end. (

The preservation of the amazon rainforest is crucial for keeping climate change at bay, and it starts with stopping illegal deforestation. (



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