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New York Rat Train Station

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Frederick Opoku Kumi


December 12, 2023

New York Rat Train Station


The Rat Problem in New York has been one of the biggest problems in New york train stations. Everywhere around the train station in New york will be able to find rats close by. Train riders have been encountering them on the daily and have been having issues with them as well. They have been interrupting the ride and have been putting people’s health and well-being in danger. They have been spreading rapidly all around the city and have been diversifying themselves in groups. The lack of sanitation in train stations has caused this problem to happen and has contributed to infections from rats as well. The problem gets worse each and every single year and there have also been there throughout centuries. The solution to fix this problem has been very hard to find and is unsolvable at the moment. Numerous operations are being runned at the moment to determine if anything would work and the government is looking for a way to prevent this and stop this so that people can ride the train softly.

According to the guardian, “The problem is getting worse. Rat sightings increased by 40% in the first 11 months of 2021 compared to 2019, apparently spurred by cuts to trash collection and street-cleaning services. At the same time, the pandemic-induced closure of restaurants deprived rodents of a regular source of food, leading to hungry rats being forced to travel further, and more openly, in search of nourishment.But rats are hardly a new issue in New York. For centuries they have presented a seemingly unsolvable problem, despite a variety of efforts. Mayor Bill de Blasio launched a $32m rat-tackling effort in 2017, and workers laid more rat poison and traps. The sanitation department has blasted dry ice into rats' nests. Building owners have been fined into cleaning up their trash, while at least one heron has leant a hand, swallowing a rat in one gulp in Central Park”(hyperlink). This means that the population of rats increased in one year compared to other years which came from the cut of sanitation work and the budget for sanitation. Covid also made the rats travel far to get food which is another reason as to why the rats were seen in the open. Mayors invested millions of dollars into tackling the issue but nothing has worked which led them to try different options as well.

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