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Sustainable Lifestyle: A Way Forward


‘Sustainable living’… you must have read this term, maybe on social media or in your school textbooks. The increasing global warming and equally growing concern all over the world about it make it crucial to talk about this very term. Sustainable living suggests reducing the individual and societal impact on the environment by making positive changes in your lifestyle. In other words, sustainable living focuses on minimizing our ‘carbon footprint’. It encourages people to adopt habits that would reduce the consumption of Earth’s resources.

A sustainable lifestyle inspires you to take up habits that would counteract the negatives of climate change. It helps in reducing the impact of human activities on our mother earth. Climate change is real, and it is time to step up and make Earth a better place to live.

A sustainable lifestyle is self-explanatory to a way towards sustaining life on this planet.


The average surface temperature has risen 1.18 degrees Celsius since the late 19th century. Greenland and Antarctic glaciers are melting faster than ever. An average of 279 billion tons of ice has been lost, by Greenland between the year 1993 and 2019, and 148 billion tons of ice was lost by Antarctica every year. In the last century, the global sea level has risen about 8 inches. The acidity of surface ocean waters has gone up to about 30%.

The facts above might seem numbers, but the effect can be seen over the years and is worrying. Some continental lands are feared to be submerged in a few years due to rising sea levels, extreme and unnatural temperatures are experienced, and the coral reefs are dying.

Humungous amounts of carbon emissions and other human activities have brought us to this day. Therefore, it is of priority to work towards the betterment of our mother nature. Sustainable living is a means to assume personal responsibility towards planet Earth. Not only for our future generations but a better living today. A sustainable lifestyle is a way forward.


A total shift to living a sustainable life might seem euphoria, but taking baby steps towards it is a prerequisite to propelling change. Small changes to your lifestyle would lead you to become sustainable. Here are some actions you can easily include in your lifestyle:


The first step towards bringing a change is awareness and sensitivity regarding the issue. We’re so used to our routines and lifestyle that the idea of changing it a bit seems like a lot of work. So spreading consciousness should be our primary step.

Read, Write, Speak, Support the idea.

5 R’s Towards Sustainable Living

Refuse what you do not need

Reduce what you do need

Reuse by choosing reusable above disposable

Recycle that cannot be refused, reduced, or reused

Rot (compost) the rest

Revamp Fashion

The fashion industry is the second-largest producer of waste, after the oil industry. The fashion industry is usually, neglected when we talk about sustainable living. Revamping your old clothes and giving them a new look to fit in the trendy environment is an important step. Just adding lace or turning your denim jeans into a skirt would not only save the environment but, would be a great hobby and a chance to explore your creative side.

Curtail Consumption of Fossil Fuels

Fossil fuels are not only exhaustible but also burn dirty. They have a lot of contribution to carbon emission. Switch to renewable sources of energy (water, sun, wind, biomass). They are available in abundance and eco-friendly in nature.

Reduce Individual Commute 

Sustainable living aims to reduce carbon footprints, and hence it supports human-powered modes of transportation- cycling or public transport. Avoid traveling alone instead, carpool with your colleagues or use public transport. This act would have the extra benefit of saving money.

Start Composting

Using waste to create a beautiful garden seems an absurd idea, right? It is possible only if vegetable waste, food waste, dry leaves are utilized to make organic compost. This organic compost can be used as fertilizers for growing new beautiful plants. Either make it in your backyard or come together to build a community compost pit.

Natural Light, Best Light

Rely more n more on natural light to reduce your energy consumption. Sunlight is free and would not hurt your eyes. Using sunlight during the day will decrease your reliance on energy sources. Also, sleeping on time would reduce your energy consumption as you could utilize natural light more.

Say No to Single-Use Items

Single-use plastic, paper towels, disposable crockery, disposable straws, the list can go on. The waste produced and the resources used in producing them are extensive. Take your carry bag while shopping, use ceramic or reusable plastic crockery, use metal straws. These are simple steps towards sustainability that, can be easily included in your lifestyle.

Unplug Device when Not in Use

Most electronic devices consume energy even when turned off. It is better to plug out the devices when not in use to reduce energy consumption and, saving you money on your electricity bill at the same time.

 Sustainable living

Total sustainability is, however, not possible, but taking steps is necessary. You and I are humans, and can anything change if we do not change? These questions pop up when talked about topics like these, but remember, a bunch of, individuals make a community that can make a huge impact.  Although the condition of our environment is very frightening, it is not too late to give up. Every little step would lead to a massive change. It is our responsibility to step up and save the planet Earth.

Scientists are working towards life on another planet, but that doesn’t seem like a feasible option. So until then, there is no ‘planet B’. The only option is to conserve what we have. 

As Robert Swan said, “The biggest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” Do your bit to save the planet, or it will destroy all of us one day.

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children.” Save the planet for the generations to come. 


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