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Ukraine Vs Russia

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Frederick Opoku Kumi

                                                      Ukraine Vs Russia

October 29, 2023

Ever since the Russia and Ukraine war started on February 14, 2014 the world of politics and nations around the world have been meeting together to help and stop the war. Russia invaded Ukraine on February 14, 2023 making huge waves in the world of  media and politics and causing concern in the economy, healthcare and wellbeing. The conflict between both countries started when Ukraine became independent from Russia and separated from the Soviet union. When the War started in Ukraine millions of immigrants had to leave the country causing a mass panic within the country. Ukrainians were also forced to leave the country and seek for refugee as well in other countries that were close to them. Their homes were bombed by russian missiles and russian soldiers and their land was invaded and captured by russian missiles and soldiers causing them to escape from areas that the russian have captured. Russian soldiers captured Ukrainian civilians and tortured them with their military attacks. All of their homes collapsed and broke down and had no option but to live in shelters after the incident. International students were also forced to leave the country as well since institutions were blowing up and closing down all over the country. 

Infrastructure was also captured, bombed, and hijacked from Ukrainian officials, civilians, and faculties. Important facilities that held Ukraine's electricity and other important industries were also captured by the Russian military to help them win the war and decrease their ability to win the war. According to CBS Russia v Ukraine, Numerous countries came together to support Ukraine in military finances and weapons. Countries like the United States, Britain, Poland, etc have given billions in aid to Ukraine so that they can fight back against Russia and be able to be independent after the war. According to Financial Times Blackrock hyperlink Corporations like BlackRock have also vowed and made agreements with Ukraine's government to rebuild their economy and infrastructure as well. When they started all countries came together to have meetings with themselves and to talk about their support for Ukraine and their condemnation of Russia for their military actions and invasion. World leaders also had meetings about the impact of the war on the world economy and Ukraine's impact in the agricultural world of grains. When the war started the world had a shortage of grains in their country. These shortages in agricultural benefits ruined a lot of things and caused starvation in certain countries.


Russia's economy also got affected by these wars as well since a lot of corporations left Russia and shut their operations in Russia. Corporations like Nike, fast food spots,and FedEx left the country at the start of the war and sanctions also limited Russia’s access to political advantages to other countries.


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