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Use Me

We live in a country of liberty, where everything has been taken as an advantage. From good to bad, everything was an advantage. We can do good to others, or we can be bad, it’s our own choice. Everything is good and fine until those things hurt someone physically,

Each one has each perspective by the title “Use Me”. It depends on the thought of that person. Here, this is about the caption written over the dustbin boxes “USE ME”. We are going to have a look at how to keep our house and surroundings clean. How many of us used it? How many of us first used to clean our own houses, when it is stinking and unclean? Making the nation clean doesn’t mean cleaning the roads and keeping the public places clean. It starts from our home.


My Locality:

Our area is located in Chennai and its body is called “Municipal Corporation”, because of its assets. It has another bigger resource called “Filthy area”. This has not been certified by the government, whereas one of my relatives from my native place visited here last week and made this shameful comment about my area. They also commented, “How do people hardly survive here?”.

Like everyone, I too love my birthplace. The comment made in my area is disgraceful. It is by that comment I chose this topic “USE ME”. The asserts that taking place in this area was a pride to the city, but the comment made on it has dragged it to nothing.


Blame game:

We shall point our hands towards the government and within a second, we blame the government. Before we blame the government, how many people keep our surroundings and house clean? It is not the duty of one person, who sits on the throne should only do the cleaning. It must start with us. We are the government; it is not only the person we chose to rule. We must take responsibility for our surroundings, home and area.

We used to throw the waste on the roads as if we were throwing it into the dustbins. This act has been done without any guilt, we do it as if it was our private dustbin. In my area, people were too busy to throw the wastes in the dustbin, they just threw the wastes from a long distance. People are so much concerned about their own house, but they are not concerned about the street they live on. The garbage of that whole street would be at the corner of that same street and people just pass by. They were too conscious to cover their nose at that particular place.

People know where this starts and how it ends, even though they were fine to do it. They know it’s their dirt that is stinking on the road, but they were fine doing it willingly.



This doesn’t completely lean on the mistake of the people. The major setback for this problem is the government. I have been located on the main place of my area and even at this main place, we couldn’t find any USE ME quotes. There were no dustbins around my place.

Even I have to throw the waste by the roadside. We were pushed to throw it on the road. A few years back we had two dustbins at the corner of our area, but even that has been removed now. And there are no dustbins in my surrounding place now. Most of the people in my area were also guilty of doing these low things. The unnoticeable places of our area were even worse than the main place.

The small streets and the corner streets have not been constructed with mud or cement. It has been constructed with dust and garbage. People who live there are getting attacked by several diseases very quickly. Houses built in my area were beautiful and rich, but the filthy roads disgrace the beauty of the houses.


Actions that are expected to be done by the people:

       People should take the responsibility to keep the area clean. As citizens of a country, we have to keep our area clean and neat. Our area defines the condition of our health and city.

       Take necessary steps to stay in the clean area: Make a self-pledge not to throw garbage on the roads or by our way. Since it is a liberal country, we should not be liberal with all actions. It may be equal to the crime.

       Keeping our own house clean is a basic step to keep our nation or area clean starting from our own house. Take responsibility to make it clean and neat. It is not the responsibility of that one person, who cleans that house daily.

       Keep our surroundings clean. Do not think the surroundings are not part of our responsibility. It is going to affect only us. Making our surroundings clean makes us stay healthy. Make plans to recycle the dirt of our houses and surroundings. It prevents us from several diseases. Prevent and plant trees in your surroundings.

       Keep our streets clean. We may not be able to clean the streets and roads, but we shall make them clean by not exploiting them. Throw the wastes only in garbage pits and dustbins.



Implementations that should be done by Government:

       Government officials should also take responsibility to keep the area clean

       Placing dustbins in every street

       Necessary steps to make it clean on a time basis

       Workers should be allotted for each section, and they should be responsible for that place tidiness.

       Officials should be appointed to take care of the area’s spotlessness.




The dustbin is so humble and generous to accept all our good and bad. It is ready to take all that you put into it. It is shouting at the corners of the street to use it. It does us good by keeping ourselves and the whole area clean. It wants us to use it regularly and thoughtfully. Throw your waste into the bin and go clean.



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