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Volcanic Eruption In Iceland

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Volcanic Eruption In Iceland

Frederick Opoku Kumi


December 18, 2023

Volcanic eruptions tend to be one the most dangerous natural disasters to happen to humans and civilization and recently Iceland got a huge volcanic eruption in Reykjanes peninsula. The volcano happened on monday morning around 10 pm and after an hour an earthquake happened as well leaving the residence of iceland devastated. Iceland is a very cold place and things like volcanic eruptions usually never happen, especially when it is close to civilians around the area. This volcanic eruption was not expected to cause that much chaos but it did and stopped a lot of activities inside of that civilization. It ruined some buildings and caused residents to move from that location. It also started a wildfire which burned most of their trees and grass and destroyed their landscape a lot. The eruption has been boiling up for a while and is expected to keep rising in number.

According to CNN (hyperlink), “The meteorological office reported that the eruption is visible on webcams and appears to be located close to Hagafell, about 3 kilometers north of the town of Grindavík.“A Coast Guard helicopter will take off shortly to confirm the exact location and size of the eruption,” the meteorological office said.Earlier this year, residents from Grindavík and nearby settlements were evacuated from their homes as the threat of a volcanic eruption loomed.At the time, an intense wave of hundreds of earthquakes prompted a national state of emergency after the country’s Civil Protection Agency said that a magma tunnel that could reach Grindavík was forming.“It is clear that we are dealing with events that we Icelanders have not experienced before, at least not since the eruption in Vestmannaeyjar,” the agency said, referencing a 1973 eruption that began without warning and destroyed 400 homes.The famous Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa that draws tourists to its steaming water, is located about four miles north of Grindavík and had closed for a period last month after the initial signs of a potential eruption”. This means that the meteorological office reported that the eruption is not visible on camera but was close to helgafell which is a location in iceland 3 kilometers north of grindavik which is another town in iceland as well. A coast guard had to take a helicopter to confirm the exact location and size of the eruption. When the volcano was investigated, residents were evacuated from their homes as the volcanic eruption got stronger. When the eruption was about to happen, earthquake waves happened first before the volcano happened. Icelanders have never faced this issue before since the last eruption in vestmannaeyjar. One of the country's famous resorts has an amazing landscape that was close to the volcano and was shut down because of the warning signs of the volcano. Iceland is usually very cold so this activity also shows how rapid climate change is emerging.

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