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Why There Is A Decline Of Honeybees And Insects

Bees play a crucial role in our ecosystem. Their pollination is vital to the survival of our fruits, vegetables, and other plants. Food production would be severely affected if bees were no longer around. Bees are involved in one of the three pollination processes of different plants. Other insects, such as butterflies and bumblebees, assist honeybees in doing two-thirds of their work.


One source reports that insects population have steadily declined to about 40% of their historic levels. There are numerous reasons why honeybees and other insects have been falling, such as the rise of the Asian hornet wasp in Europe. Originally from China, they have made their way into France and have contributed to the decline of honeybees. According to one source, their hive can grow to the size of a garbage bag and can house up to 1000 Asian hornet wasps.


Diseases such as the varroa mite can only affect honeybees and not other bee species. Another cause is pesticides, which are used to keep pathogens and insects from spreading or destroying crop plantings. These could enter the honeybee's immune system and cause health problems, possibly leading to death. Stopping the use of pesticides and weed killers is one way people can prevent this. Grow wildflowers in our gardens to attract honeybees and allow them to collect pollen. Try not to mow any wildflowers as this will reduce the amount of nectar available to honeybees; if it's gone, they won't be able to collect it. Learn about the different types of pesticides that are suitable for use. Those that do not introduce harmful chemicals into the honeybee's immune system.


Another important factor to consider is climate change, as honeybees cannot survive in higher temperatures and must adhere to specific weather conditions. Their hives are typically overcrowded and could become even hotter. Poor air quality can also have an impact on honeybees' ability to find pollen at a distance. The local council could participate in the cause to ensure that there are as many trees and plants as possible in an area to maintain health air pollution and allow for more honeybees.


Honeybees are losing their natural habitats, such as wildflowers, due to modern agriculture. Farmers or other individuals may be compelled to destroy their hive due to the change in land use or be forced to abandon their hive entirely. This also reduces pollination because they may be in a different location, and some honeybees' lives may have been lost due to the hive being destroyed. 


While we can make some changes to help prevent honeybee extinction-one cause, such as climate change. There will be more difficulty controlling it since everyone on the planet will need help the environment and honeybees together.



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