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BAAPS press release shows rise in cosmetic surgery

A recent data release from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) shows that cosmetic surgeries are on the rise in the UK.


2022 saw an unprecedented rise in cosmetic surgeries. With an increase of 102% from the previous year, the UK cosmetic surgery industry has had the highest growth in annual cosmetic incisions in 2022 than any previous year.


The number of cosmetic surgeries were expected to rise after the COVID-19 pandemic due to reduced activity in many sectors during that period. What has surprised some is that figures show cosmetic surgeries are even higher than pre-lockdown. 


Also outlined in the press release were the most popular procedures being undertaken in 2022. The top three in order of popularity for women were breast augmentation (up to 66%), breast reduction (up to 120%) and the tummy tuck (up to 105%).


For men the most popular procedure was rhinoplasty (up to 45%), chest reduction (up to 158%) followed by blepharoplasty (removing droopy eyelids, up to 105%).


In a statement by the BAAPS president Marc Pacifico, he affirmed the data shows that the “economic uncertainty and a decrease in overall consumer spending does not seem to [be] deterring patients from having cosmetic surgery.” 


Whether this is good or bad is up to personal opinion. Some may argue prioritising cosmetic procedures in a time of financial instability shows a concerning trend of an unhealthy fixation with looks and outward perception. Others may state this is a sign that the economy is not in as bad of a situation as many perceive, and the healthy recovery of any industry after lockdown and high inflation should be celebrated. 


Also questioned in the release was the influence of social media over cosmetic surgery trends.


The former BAAPS president Rajiv Grover- who compiles the audit annually-stated, “people are now seeing first hand the transformational effects of cosmetic surgery on both physical and psychological wellbeing through the testimonies of real people” (referencing the presence of social media in the cosmetic industry.)


“Knowledge of plastic surgery has traditionally been through word of mouth, but this has now risen exponentially through digital word of mouth via Instagram”.

Again, some are concerned with how social media may influence people's ideas of beauty standards, and how this could effect the mental wellbeing of people insecure about their physical appearance.


In conclusion, the direct influences that have caused these new statistics are unknown, and the question of whether they show positive or negative trends in the UK is just as uncertain.


What is certain is that we live in a society that values and profits off the cosmetic surgery industry even today.



Photo by Sam Moghadam Khamseh on Unsplash

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